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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by ColleenB, Feb 27, 2016.

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    for those of you who have followed me, just an update.

    We are going on our trip and leaving our boys home. It's kinda scary but I think it's ok. Younger son knows to let us know if anything happens, if older son goes back downhill via depression... We have lots of family in town he can also reach out to. Older son seems to be doing a bit better. Not sleeping all day anymore, going to classes.

    He is also much kinder, not angry , which lets me know he isn't using hard drugs. His personality was completely different when he was using. Very angry. I'm not sure he isn't using pot. But he says no. I haven't seen it or smelt it lately. He is drinking, and he knows it's a slippery slope. He has actually said he may try AA or NA. I think this may work better for him than the counselling route we have tried. He likes the idea of being able to listen at first.

    He has also been very apologetic, and it seems sincere. He says that he knows he is a good person so that is why he feels bad about his behaviours these last few years.

    I hope and pray this is the start of his journey to healing.
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  2. New Leaf

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    This is good news Colleen, enjoy your trip!

    I hope this is true, and glad that his personality has improved. Prayers for continued progress there.

    This is good that he is exploring options.
    I hope and pray the same Colleen. Wishing the best for your son and family, and that you have a wonderful, relaxing trip. Happy trails to you and hubby!

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    Please do enjoy your trip, but also remember that alcohol is a serious drug that kills alcoholics a lot. Your son is not out of the woods until he stops. People who can control their drinking do not think of going to AA.
    I saw my daughter get better then worse over her course of drug use. We never really know the big picture. It is also very rarely straight uphill. It is bad for us to think "good. Now its fine." Often that leads to devestation when the adult child relapses. Your son is not yet clean.
    On the other hand, dont stay home and babysit a grown man. Continue on with your life, enjoy it, and I hope all goes well.
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    Colleen, enjoy your trip. It's hard to let go, give up control...isn't it. I hope you come back refreshed and find everything is fine. I know you will stay vigilant.
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    RN0441 100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

    I know at 18 they are "men" per society but my son is 20 and I just don't think of him as an adult but probably because he doesn't do ANY of the things that adults do!