Son is tired of living-going to commit suicide tonight or tomorrow.


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Hope you never feel like that. That is the way this stuff cycles. It is important to post during the damningly horrible lows and the highs.

I might venture that all our lives cycle, but not near to the extreme our DCs' lives do? They have mental illness(es), addictions, etc. that magnify all that XXXX

When my Difficult Child sends me to the brink i post. The folks here do so much to help us straighten out, buck up, center. When things slack up a bit, I am here less often. The forum remains a major lifeline, no matter what. Such a wonderful place for us.


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Just heard from my ex husband, who got a call from Difficult Child this afternoon. Said he was calling from the Mental Health Center that he goes to and where his caseworker is. He was drunk and slurring.

So, we're off to the races again.


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Blackgnat, why do "we" have to be off to the races again? He's away from the training center. Let him run his own race, and let him deal with the consequences of his own performance.


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I think it's because he always pulls us in...But I do like your comment and it rings very true. Still learning not to engage on such an emotional level as in the past, but it's a slow process for me, apparently.

Difficult Child called his father the other day, who happens to be staying with his mother (Difficult Child's grandma). Because he was so clear and lucid, ex husband actually handed the phone to his mother and she talked to Difficult Child for a short while. For the first time in 13 years!!!

So I guess he was fine THAT day. But who knows how long that'll last? Not me.


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Sorry, Blackgnat. It is SO hard not to get invested in their ups and not to get crushed by their downs. Good that he is reaching out, at least. No more suicidal threats, I hope?