Son offered drugs in detention center!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by ck1, Aug 27, 2007.

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    I went to visit my son tonight, he's been in the juvenile detention center for two weeks (hopefully not much longer!). Anyway, he told me that a kid offered him pot today! This kid was able to get it in because it was in the small inner pocket of his jeans when he was busted and brought in. The police didn't find it, neither did anyone in the detention center.

    Today this kid had a hearing and was given the clothes he was wearing when he came to wear to the hearing today. He checked and found out the pot was still there, so he transferred it to under his mattress. My son did not accept his offer (thank God) but also didn't tell anybody but me.

    Now I'm nervous about calling to report it because I don't know if my son is the only one that knows about it and don't want him to be retaliated against for telling someone. I'm also nervous about not reporting it because what if they decide to check for some reason, find it, then my son somehow gets in trouble???

    Uugghhh, I think he's safe but he continues to be offered drugs in places that drugs should not be!! I left a message on his PO's voicemail and also sent her an email, but not sure if I should just leave it alone now. Anyone have any advice???
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    This wont be the first time and it wont be the last time he is offered drugs in places that they should not be found. Drugs make their ways into all sorts of locked down places. Recently an inmate in our local fine county "hotel" was arrested for possession with intent to distribute something like 25 very small baggies of pot. From what I understand the baggies were the size that buttons come in on clothing? maybe two inches by two inches.

    Now, you have got to understand how visiting works at our jail. No one has a face to face with the inmates except cops, lawyers, medical staff, and clergy. All family and friends see them thru thick glass and talk on phones. There is no way on earth we could pass them anything. did this lovely pot get into the jail for this inmate to possess it and deal it? I rest my case! I figure the idiot guards didnt get their cut so busted him.
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    I know a gal that works in a prison. I asked how prisoners get a hold of drugs. According to her, one source is the guards. Seems there's a few at all the prisons that will risk their jobs, possible prison time for themselves, and sacrifice their integrity for a few extra bucks.

    Mind boggeling, isn't it?
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    I was amazed when my son was in rehab and told me that the dealers would come up to the fence where they were allowed to be outside to smoke cigarettes. I guess the dealers know where to go because so many in rehab aren't there because they want to be.

    The world of drugs is an awful place.
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    One of the biggest strains of dealing with substance abuse is
    all the moral choices that family members have to make. Probably
    the "most" moral thing to do is to share the information with the
    PO or someone in authority. Would I do it?? Nope. I'm genuinely sorry to say that "the system" is so much more complex
    than I ever realized in my years before s.a. Personally I have
    seen and heard things that were mindblowing.

    Could your son get in trouble for knowing and not telling???
    It's possible but not probable. Could your son get hurt for telling?? I would say probably.

    Some private programs strictly enforce the rule that everyone has
    to share everything about everybody OR the whole group gets a
    punishment. Department of Juvenile Justice facilities are not usually like that. Most of
    the time the Department of Juvenile Justice facilities are safe BUT there are kids in there
    who are truly experienced criminals. At the Department of Juvenile Justice where my teen
    was assigned for a few weeks at the age of 14, there was a little
    (yes literally little) boy child of 10 mixed in with the teens and he was such a loose canon that everyone stayed away from him.

    If he's set to leave in a couple of days I would be even more inclined to let it go. Mind you...I am not saying that is THE correct choice. I'm saying you have to decide and it is not
    easy. Good luck. DDD
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    you told the PO so let it be.

    I agree that ant was offered drugs in all three jails he was in, as well as glen mills Residential Treatment Center (RTC). it gets in there.
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    Thanks for the replies! I did take one more step this morning...I called the counseling group located inside the detention center. They don't actually work for the detention center so they don't have to report to them. Anyway, I told them and they said that they will call my son in and counsel him regarding his options. They will not tell anyone else without his consent. I'm comfortable with this, so, we'll see what happens!
  8. Ephchap

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    I think you handled it very well, as did your son for telling you about it.

    As DDD pointed out, it's really hard sometimes to know what to do. I wish I could say that I was surprised that someone brought drugs in, but I'm not.

    Again, you did good, mom.

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    My son always found drugs in jail too. He used to make me feel guilty saying drugs were everywhere in there so why did I want him to stay there?! I would say it was not my choice but at least there is a little supervision there where there is not on the street. It is sad that a place that is supposed to rehabilitate can actually do damage. Sometimes he would tell me he was offered stuff that he turned down. Who knows.