Sonic took a road trip...only he hda no license or insurance!!!!! Yikes!

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    While I was supposed to be enjoying a quiet week in Missouri with my grandson, I got a phone call from home.

    This is a Sonic escapade and here is the background: I keep the keys in my car and lock the garage door. He told hub he was going to ride his bike into town. However, he didn't. He drove the car into town about three miles up and back. He does not have a license (we gave him driver's ed and at the time he didn't want to continue). He has never driven a car before. He has not passed his temps test. He did not get pulled over by the zealous city cops. He was even DRIVING WHILE BLACK!!!! and he still didn't get pulled over. My husband was so livid. I never heard him to furious. He took all of Sonic's many game systems out of his room and grounded him to the house without an adult accompanying him (I am his legal guardian). He also stole $40 from my purse before I left for Missouri. Speaking of livid...

    He said, "I just want to be like everyone else." He was, at the time, sobbing, which is not being like everyone else of eighteen because few will sob at that age. all of this mess, there is a ray of hope.

    Sonic can DRIVE! He can DRIVE! We are going to work on getting him his license right away. He doesn't need to do the whole nine yards with classes because he is eighteen. It is a lot easier and cheaper. I never dreamed t he day would come when he could or would be willing to drive. I guess we need to try to get him to be as "normal" as possible, including maybe a few college classes and a job that is not maybe such a low functioning job. Sonic has proven, in the past, that he is often more capable then people think, maybe because he is reluctant to try new things and is so quiet.

    He did not get off easy. He is also not happy. He walked in the door, after not seeing me for a week, and said "hi" in a pouty voice then traipsed to his room. I am paying myself back with some of his games. I am going to Game Stop where t hey pay $$$ for games. He will not have any of his systems for a long time.

    I honestly don't know whether to be alarmed or happy or both and I'm not quite sure what to do about this.

    I posted this here, because Sonic does not fit "general" anymore nor is he really mature enough to be on "Parent Emeritus." His issues are not the same as the others on that site.

    I hope this was ok. At the very least...I got to vent.
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    I'm with you on the positive aspects. Basically? He's ASKING for whatever it takes to "be like everybody else". Which means... he HAS to go through the same processes that everybody else goes through. (Including out-growing some of this game stuff... he needs his time and effort to be spent on "grown-up" stuff.)
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    Well, I'm tempted to say "Good for Sonic", although that of course may seem to make light of the seriousness of it, etc. But still... good for him :) I think the positives in the story outweigh the negatives (initiative taking, courage, proving he can function under pressure) although of course that is much easier to say from the outside. Do get him his licence... when you have calmed down :)
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    Only the parent of a difficult child, of any stripe, could find the ray of sunshine in stealing a car...

    I think being happily alarmed would work... Or alarmingly happy?
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    BOTH! Be livid and then happy! It's all good.
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    Or... both at the same time. Which... ONLY the parent of a difficult child would ever understand!
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    Oh...he WILL get a license. That is HUGE. I was afraid he'd have to learn to take cabs all over. He is definitely far more high functioning than we ever guessed.

    I am very angry, but I am very thrilled. I know this makes no sense.

    My biggest gripe? That everyone felt they had to call me in Missouri where I was enjoying my little grandson whom I hadn't seen for two years. I can't manage without me for FIVE DAYS???? You couldn't wait until I got home? Like what can I do from Missouri other than worry???? Jeesh!
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    I suppose this all happened on the second day, right?
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