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    Sonnyboy dropped over last night. Wanted cat food for his cats. I gave him some $ and litter. He just got ANOTHER citation for driving uninsured and without a license. His fees are up to $900.

    Do they ever stop issuing tickets and haul them in??? Course I guess he'd have to show up in court which he doesn't if he doesn't have the cash.

    Here's a new definition of insanity: Gave him dinner last night. Told him to take some rolls I had and cans of tuna. He declined because he's on a low carb diet to lose some weight. I just started to laugh. He wanted to know why I was laughing. I didn't explain. Not worth it.

    As if not having $ to buy food wouldn't be a diet in and of itself. Nice he can be choosy about free food.

    He filed for unemployment yesterday. He's just gonna wait till that comes thru. Job hunting not worth it. I asked him when the unemployment would start, he didn't know. I said that would have been an important question to ask! Nice he has a 'plan'. Whatever!!!
  2. Suz

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    Kolleen, I'm not sure I follow why you gave him money...especially on the heels of him saying he got another citation so his fines are even higher?

    If he's a typical difficult child, the money won't go towards the fines and probably won't go for the cat food he needs.

    When Rob was in dire straights, we would sometimes buy him some groceries or paid a bill directly...but we never gave him cash.

    Just a thought.

  3. Hound dog

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    Suz has a point. Never a good idea to hand difficult child's cash. Better to feed them a meal, buy some groceries, or pay a bill directly if you want to help.

    Even with one knew what to get her and her husband for we pooled all our money together that we'd have spent on gifts for them and I put it on a walmart gift card, figured it was a store with the widest variety of items for them to chose from. :)

    Being poor is all the diet K needs, I know. If she gets any thinner she's gonna blow away. And this is a girl who has always been a bit chunky.

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    Grocery chains almost always have "Gift Certificates" (might be on a rechargeable card these days).

    BiPolar (BP), Shell, Citgo, etc...gas stations' all do gift cards (love this and the previous).

    Wally World as the OP mentioned. Target, Kohl's...

    WalMart and Target carry extensive selections of groceries as well. Look for "Super" or "Plus" in the store name.

    A standard WalMart or Target gift certificate works just fine in stores selling food as well.
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    I did think about gift cards, but haven't been anywhere to get some yet. Besides, at this point don't know if I really care what he does with the cash! Is that detaching??? teehee!!
    When he asks me for the rent money, which I told him I'd give him one month...... I will be writing that out as a check. Not cash!! Did think that far ahead.