Sons visit/court today

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Tymica, Nov 9, 2015.

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    DS came back from IL this weekend because he had court first thing this morning. He came over Saturday night for dinner. I fully expected him to be high, or some other drama to ensue. BUT--We had a wonderful visit. He had dinner, talked about his plans when he got back to IL, talked about what if the worst happened in court Monday (today), etc... Even my husband, who hasn't had anything good to say about DS for the last 2 years, said to him while he was here "Son, I think this is the first time in a really long time that I have really enjoyed spending time with you." And after he left husband looked at me and said "That's really a different kid, isn't it?" He was supposed to come back over last night, but he ended up meeting with the ex-girlfriend's lawyer for court this morning (Long story, but basically ex girlfriend's mom is a judge and got a lawyer friend to give DS some advice as a favor since he didn't have a lawyer.) He went to court this morning, they ended up dropping the felony charge after he showed he's been working, staying out of trouble, signed up for classes in starting in January, etc... So he ended up with fines (that he paid himself, didn't get help from us or bio dad, yaay him). He also lost his license for I think 90 days, but could be up to 3 years. But hey, he lives in a larger urban area now, he can ride the bus. Better than jail. They left right after court today so I didn't get to see him before he left, but overall I am thinking positive thoughts about the future.
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    Good for him!
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    That's wonderful news. Happy things are looking up for your family. [emoji4]
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  4. FlowerGarden

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    Great news!
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  5. Nancy

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    Very encouraging news. Thank you for sharing. I have hope for him also. I hope you sleep well tonight.
  6. AppleCori

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    Wow, Tymica!

    What wonderful news!

    I am so glad!

    He is so young, yet so smart. He is learning from his mistakes. He is taking his punishment like a man and paying his dues (fines) on his own. He is not blaming anyone but himself for his decisions.

    This is a powerful statement about his character.

    With this attitude, he will be able to do anything he sets his mind on.

    I am so happy for you.

    Please keep us up to date.

    And join us in helping others if you feel like it.