Soon it will be Easter


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I am very grateful for your support and advice for several years now. I read and take note and pray for you. It has been a long and winding road for sure.
My 40 year old daughter is in a perpetual off & on toxic relationship that does not seem to fizzle out. When they break up she seems to move forward and get her life somewhat working then they get back together and off she does into the deep end. While they were broke off she lost 30 lbs now it is slowly creeping back on. I feel sorry for how hard she fights to try to keep it off.
She is still secretive and lies.. I recently went to her house to help her with some repairs and yard work...How can anyone let their bathroom get so nasty? She is always talking about what a slob her boyfriend is and I guess he is a few levels beyond her. I have to realize that not everyone lives in a clean house. Just because my husband and I care deeply about having a clean house does not mean she inherited that gene. Luckily my son was meticulous too. God I miss him so much.
For the good news, my daughter has been paying her rent, and doing side jobs plus stock market. She was on the verge of being belligerent and stopped herself. She told me she was working on not being 'creepy'. My husband goes and hides when she comes over so the blunt of the visit is on me. I asked him why he runs off and he tells me that he can only take so much of her. He said she is creepy. Of course we both know this is true but it hits me hard in the heart that we say that to each other about our own daughter.
I hope others give a catch up on your life. Even though I read the posts I don't always have time to post I carry your words in my heart and pray for you.


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The messy is hard for sure. Your good news is AWESOME. Paying rent? Self-supporting? So happy that you get to experience this moment of progress. We don't always have good news to report in our situations! Blessings!


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Thank you LoveTempered for your kind reply. I look forward to reading your posts and getting to know more about you. Sometimes we do have glimpses of normal but as soon as I get comfortable the other shoes drops.