SOOO Glad this is an apartment!

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    Yesterday our bathtub filled with water for no apparent reason. We called mgmt and were told someone was coming by but no one did. At 1 am the tub was 2/3 full and by four thirty it was an inch from the top in spite of the fact that we had all been asleep. Yes, we are on floor one of a 2 floor apt building.

    I called and the service woke up the mgr because when I tried to bale out the water it ran back into the tub. Thankfully the toilet is a different line so that did not back up and we did bale water into that so we did not overflow.

    The maint supervisor came over at 7 am after being unable to wake the on site guy. they thought it was frozen. NOT. So they tried to use other things and are now replacign some pipes and clearing others.

    I am SOOOOOOO glad I am not having to do this. I actually like plumbing as it is a sort of jigsaw puzzle with water, but I don't like cold at all. Plus this is getting expensive for them, and I don't have to pay for it OR deal with husband catastrophizing about paying for a plumber sending us to the homeless shelter because we cannot pay the rent. Yes, when we have an unexpected bill he says this every time.

    So I am sitting here on my computer just being so happy that it is someone else's headache and NOT mine!

    But the maint guy on site is NOT going to be thrilled when his boss learns he waited until 9:30 to tell the upstairs apts to not use any water other than the toilets until further notice. He was called at 7 and given an hour to go and make sure they knew they would be fined if they used water before it was fixed and our apt flooded. I know what was said because I was right there when the supervisor said this over the phone.

    A BIG part of the reason that they were to be told this, besides their general stupidity over these issues upstairs (it doesn't flood my apt so why can't I use water? is the question they have asked six times in a row when a problem came up!) is Jess. She is nice to the supervisor, who used to be the on site guy. She got up and made sausage, coffee and biscuits this am because it was cold and someone was coming at 6 am. He looked longingly at the homemade choc cake she made last night, so she gave him a big piece to take home. Then as they talked he commented on loving hot cocoa, so she sent him home with a jar of my homemade cocoa and one of homemade snowman milk. He is a crusty old bachelor and she tends to feed him when he comes by to fix something, so he has gotten quite good at making our repairs a priority.

    So what are you appreciative of today?
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    Susie, I am SOOOO glad that your flood/plumbing issue is being fixed and that you're not on the hook for fixing it. Yay Jess! Kindness certainly does pay off.

    What am I grateful for? Today I am glad that difficult child is such an energetic chatterbox (a trait that often drives me round the twist). I am hammering through a bunch of work that I need to finish before re-starting work tomorrow (Yes, I'm supposed to be on vacation, but there you have it -- my team won't be able to function this coming week without the stuff I'm doing right now--goodness, but I HATE being a bottleneck), and difficult child came over to help husband with Monster-Tot wrangling. Usually when I work on weekends, one or other of the Monsterz is in the Batcave "showing" or "telling" every 5 minutes. Today, I haven't seen or heard from any of them.

    I am grateful for being Chopped Liver when difficult child is visiting.

    (Of course, I'm gold-bricking by playing on the CD Board when I should be doing my work, but that's another story)
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    One of the reasons I don't complain too much about military housing is the free repairs for just about everything. We do have to pay if our dog eats the wall or something like that but if a toilet clogs or a light fixture stops working we are in the clear.
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    I'm appreciative of my Hubby.

    He fixed my dishwasher, took down the Christmas tree, got the inflatables off the roof and stored for next Christmas, and is currently untangling a cat toy for the littles to play with.
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    Thankful for little things right now, like little soft children being small and innocent and sweet and huggable...not icy and hostile and oppositional. (Yet?! lol)

    I'm meeting tomorrow with difficult child for the first time since he was ticketed/taken to the hospital intoxicated. I've had my time to cool down and hopefully he's had his time to reflect on his choices. Looking forward to sitting down with him and hopefully having some GROWTH come out of this whole deal.