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    And relieved that Duckie wasn't involved in this. There's a girl in her class that is trouble with a capital "T". She verbally bullies the other kids by taunting, teasing and name-calling. This is the same kid that switched around the sticky letters in the library with Duckie a few weeks back. She has targeted another child "E". Duckie has, in the past, laughed along with the other kids and generally went along with "B" until she started to understand that "B" is a bully and realized how much "E" must hurt to be treated that way.

    So... the latest. "B" and another girl (again: NOT Duckie!!!) went into "E's" locker and trashed it. Threw stuff down the hallway. Nearly destroyed a math book.

    Duckie was horrified because the other girl is a very good friend and this is completely out of character. "B" also said it was all the other girl's idea. :rolleyes:

    I really hope "B's" parents and the teachers get a clue that "B" has been the common denominator in a lot of problems in this group of kids so they can help her to nip these behaviors in the bud, like:

    *encouraging the other kids to swear
    *taunting an Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) child and getting others to call him "gay"
    *spreading lies and manipulating friendships
    *daring kids to do things they shouldn't
    *telling others to say they forgot if they get caught doing something they were explicitly told not to do
    *telling Duckie she'll pin the crime on her if she tattles
    *taunting "E" and trying to get her to cry
    *starting "clubs" with the intention of leaving others out

    and the list goes on!

    But for once (!) I can breathe a sigh of relief because Duckie knew nothing about it until the teacher called a class meeting to address the bullying. She asked, at one point, if anyone felt like they had been bullied fore and "E" raised her hand and said "I'm bullied every day.". The poor kid. :crying:
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    I would have felt better had the teacher questioned the kids on whether or not they'd been bullied in private. E may now have repercussions for her admission. Does sound like teacher is trying to figure out what is going on to nip it in the bud. I hope she succeeds.

    Good for Duckie!! :D
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    Poor kid is right. The school really needs to address this problem. I really hate when I hear about kids bullying. We just had an episode of this 3rd grader bullying Mighty Mouse and even trying to bully my friend's kid who is in 5th grade. This kid has some nerve. I called the school and fortunately, they addressed it. I know not all schools are good at dealing with these issues.

    Glad that Duckie had no involvement and that she sees what a B this bully really is.
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    "E" wasn't the only child to say she was bullied, about half the class also did. Duckie also raised her hand and said she was a bully for laughing along with things even if she wasn't the actual bully doing the taunting and teasing. She also tells me she intends to stand up a bit more and used this example:

    When "B" teases "E" and asks Duckie why she's sitting near "E", Duckie is going to say :Because "E" is my friend.

    I warned Duckie that "B" may turn on her and asked if she would still be friends with "E" if that happens. She answered "Yes" and went on about how she's a popular kid with lots of friends and it was up to kids like her to stand up to the bullies for the kids like "E".
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    What a great kid!
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    It's got to be a relief to not be the center of suspicion for a change; that's something to be happy about. So is the fact that Duckie is developing some wonderful inner strength and recognizing what kindsness and friendship are about.

    What's so disheartening is that bullying seems to be a form of recreation for some kids; altho I think we know what it really is.
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    That is nice to read. It is nice that Ducky gets the social issues regarding bullying and how it affects others.

    We are trying to teach N right now that she has a "big voice" because there is a BiPolar (BP)/Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) boy in her class who is a bully and hits at times. Her anxiety stops her from speaking out. We are trying to help her and him with the Teacher...

    Sounds like you have a pretty good group!
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    Great for Duckie!! I feel so sorry for the child being bullied.
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    Duckie rocks! Wow, what an insightful thing to say and that she had the courage to say it is commendable. I'm proud of her. You are doing such a great job, mom.
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    Oh, dear, what a mess.
    Soooo glad Duckie is holding her own!!