Soooo tired.....

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by SaraT, Feb 12, 2008.

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    of fighting with everyone. I fight the school, I fight the therapist, I fight difficult child's bio-dad, I fight, I fight , I fight.:wornout::919Mad:

    I tried to get school to let difficult child use eletronic devise instead of written agenda, they are fighting it. Asked therapist for help, she thinks difficult child should use agenda, "Giving her electronic is giving her an out, she needs to use agenda book like everyone else".:grrr: That statement, on top of several others, including "Don't get hung up on Aspergers diagnosis" make me think this women has NOOOOO clue! I tried to tell her that yes, they are the same behaviors, but reason is now clearer, and past efforts haven't worked, so lets try new ones. Didn't sink in, I just don't think she gets difficult child. The last 2 therapists have both tried to get difficult child to act 12, NOT gonna happen. She has been stuck at a maturity level of 8 for 4 yrs. I keep trying to tell them to treat her at her maturity level, then work your way up to her age, but I'm just the parent, what do I know.:rolleyes:The hard part is the rest of the "team" does get difficult child and is trying to help. If I get a new therapist, I have to get a whole new "team".(Team is case manager, phyciatrist, therapist.)

    To make matters worse, My Stray is starting to be very mean. I have tried to get him state insurance, but he won't go apply. Tried to tell him he needs medications, he won't take them. Tried to tell him to STOP antagonizing difficult child-Little B, and what does he do, plays a mean trick on her at Game Stop yesterday and sends her into a meltdown. He was exchanging some video games, and had some trade-in value left and asks difficult child-Little B if there is something she wants. She finds something, asks him if she can get it, he asks "What have you done for me lately", she stares that blank stare, he then says "I didn't say I would get it, just if you found something you wanted." Good Grief.:nonono: I guess that means that he wants to be treated that way. Golden Rule and All. I'd hate to send him back to the street, but I am beginning to see why his dad kicked him out. He just has an evil-devil streak. And, I can't let him undo the progress Little B has made.

    I guess I'm just having one of those feed up days. Thanks for letting me vent.

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    I am right there with you. I feel like all I do is fight and explain and NO ONE listens. And I mean NO ONE......

    I am new to this site but I understand completely why we are refered to as a warrior mom!

    Hang in there
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    Ditto! It seems like such a big deal just to get a minute of real peace - no fights, no conflicts. Ughghg - why can't everyone just get along! But seriously, I know exactly what you're saying and I imagine so does every person on the board. So sorry your having a rough tme - but we're all in it with you! Keep your chin up!!
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    I hear ya on the fighting with everyone. We do that too and its soooo tiring:pouting:

    As far as the electronic device, have you printed out any articles for the school on the use of them for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)'s. Also there are probably articles out there explaining why written work is harder for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)'s. I really get irritated when someone tries to tell me that difficult child should do things "like the other kids" because its an apple to oranges type of argument...just nonsense. My daughter used an alphasmart when she was in elem. school and it really helped her as she was much better at keyboarding than printing and even though we encourage her to do written work, its never been an expectation. She's currently practicing cursive....her choice...but is not doing well with it at all. She's in middle school and they all have lap tops so written work is a non issue now anyway.