Sorry everyone.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by family mum, Apr 24, 2012.

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    I'm sorry everyone. I just didn't have the energy to be here today. I don't have what it takes to explain what happened during the neuropsch testing, nor what followed, needless to say, it's more of what we've been experiencing the last few days.

    I thought that I could at least come on and read and stay up to date, add some thoughts, try to be encouraging, but I can't even read through the posts right now. I feel like I'm not pulling my weight...

    There has to be some way that we can all escape these endless dramas! But I'll be d@mmed if I know what it is. Feeling rea-al-lly desperate.

    How can I check out of this hell?
  2. Bunny

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    I ask myself that question alot, but I haven't found a check out time yet! I'm sorry that it's been a bad day. Don't feel like you have to "pull your weight". You do the best you can, and your best is yuor best. Some days it might be more, some days it might be less. Don't feel bad for not having the strength or energy. We've all had days like that.
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    Hugs! I feel the same way sometimes and my difficult child is an adult :(
  4. SomewhereOutThere

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    We understand.

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    (((Hugs))). I understand.
  6. JJJ

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    ((hugs)) We'll still be here when you are ready.
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    I don't know your story but I know the feeling....hugs.
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    :flowers: No worries! There is not a minimum post limit and thank heaven for me there is not a max. We have to do what we have to do....and we all understand that is different on each day for all of us.
    bummer things did not go well. I know the feeling, we had some of those when Q was little (at a testing session) and people would say, good they saw him how he can be, well yes......but they do need the data to help sort through things. At least they can still get all the parent checklists and behavior checklists done...hopefully you will get something from it.

    HUGS to you, just re-energize as much as you can and join in when you can. Our energy will stay with you.
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    My son did the acting out thing at a neuro and his conclusion was my son is manipulative and all his stuff is because of bad parenting,!!!!! AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! Say no more!!!!! I know the feeling!!!!!!!
  11. AnnieO

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    Been there, done that... No apology necessary! :hugs:

    by the way - you can check out, anytime you like. But you can "never leave" - all you can do is try to take care of YOU! (And, yes, I did swipe that quote from the Eagles.) When you are a parent to a difficult child (or even a easy child at times) - you will always care.

    Come back when/as you need to, post as much/little as you like...
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    More ((((HUGS))))

    We don't have any membership requirements here.
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    I am sorry you are sooo tired and hurting today. do whatever you need to in order to recharge. We will NOT go anywhere, whether you have to take a total break, or just lurk for a whle (days or years) or even if you have to start several different posts a day.

    This is the true gift of this group - we understand. Truly, deeply and on many levels. Not only that we have all been there done that and NOT in a flip, internet posting type of way. In a real life, too frazzled and exhausted to cope anymore ever again kind of way.

    We will be here whenever you are ready, for whatever you need.

  14. family mum

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    The type of checking out that I was thinking about last night wouldn't have been good for anyone.

    My work insurance called to follow up on my claim so i had to spend a little less than an hour today defending why and how I am suffering a major depression. naturally the person they assigned me would be unilingual francophone so i had to explain myself all in my second language. Ugh.

    I know that I need to complete the behaviour log I'm keeping about yesterday's events, but it just feels like too much to go over it all again.

    My daughter stayed home from school today because she was just too tired and overwhelmed to cope. They are writing provincial exams. As first the office told me that there would be no way for to make up what she would miss but after one of her teachers called me and said that they would share the time tomorrow to give her a chance to get caught up in both the Fr. and Eng. exams. At least that is one less thing to fuss over today.