Sorry it's been so quiet from here!

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    A short, but insane update:

    1. difficult child 2 was released from the psychiatric hospital. into the Community Residence. There have been significant bumps in the road, but is still slowly coming along. They had told me that there would be a 2 week period that we wouldn't be allowed to see each other so that he could acclimate, but he manipuled them into letting me come to see him after the first 4 days. I refused to stay more than an hour, but it didn't matter.

    2. He went to therapy with his regular therapist this past Tuesday and proceeded to act like a jerk. With the therapists encouragement, I walked out. They caught me at the elevator, difficult child 1 begged me to come back - I agreed with the promise that this would stop. No sooner did we sit down and he started up again. During that particular rant he hit me (punched me in the back). I looked the therapist in the eye and left. He was screaming when I got out the front door. We were on the 3rd floor. I took the stairs so he couldn't trap me at the elevator and re-tore the intersticial tear on my achilles tendon.

    3. AH (aka my soon-to-be ex) sent me an email that he was paying his rent check out of our joint account after he had told me the money was mine for the bills. I'm dodging collections calls from the entire free world, so as the calls come in, I go to our accounts and change the contact number from home to his cell. Hahahaha! My one ounce of revenge! Mooohahaha!

    4. There was a joint party at my house for difficult child 1, difficult child 2 and their cousin for their birthdays. Lil sis had promised that her sons would be there. Her fiancee told her that her younger son needed to go to football as he had "a commitment to the team" so difficult child 1 took it personally.

    5. difficult child 1 was allowed a 3 hour pass for the birthday party, but because of his antics in therapy he had to be escorted. I actually appreciated this, but they showed up an hour late so everything was off schedule.

    6. AH was there skulking around but he and my bff motherinlaw were like a couple of drill sargents with difficult child 2 and difficult child 3. Evie, as usual, could do no wrong.

    7. difficult child 1 was given another 3 hour pass to trick or treat with us on Sunday and difficult child 2 and difficult child 3 were total toads toward him.

    8. Evie has a head cold.

    9. My Dad's house is such a mess that Thanksgiving is being held at my house and get this - between 22 and 24 people and everyone is begging me not to invite AH. Truthfully, I don't want him here either, but I know as we get closer to the date, it's going to bug me that someone is alone on Turkey Day. His mother was pretty persnickety about it being here - which honestly kind of ****** me off.

    10. My Dad hasn't been feeling well, and I forgot to make an appointment during the summer to have him get a scope done.

    11. difficult child 3 was moved to yet another school.

    Irish Guilt has got to be the worst!

    I'm not even going to say "Calgon take me away" - it's more like "Dewars take me away"!!

    I'll be on more often now as things seem to be settling down a little. Trust me - the above is just a snippet of the day to day here!

    After typing all of this, I'm actually feeling much better, but I felt I owed you all an explanation for my dreaded "disappearance".
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    Beth - #1. HUGS!!!!!

    I am glad you're doing OK, even if you are more than slightly crazy at this point.

    Don't let it bother you that AH will be alone. He's made his bed, hmm? And his mother? Pfft. Not worth your worry.
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    Glad to hear from you Beth ... sorry you have so much going on right now. Posting a thread always releases some of my anxiety. I don't know what I would do without you guys ! Please take care darlin !
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    I'm with Step on AH and his mom. Sounds like your family is, too. *hugs* dearie.
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    I wouldn't worry about AH or his mom, Beth. They can go to Denny's instead of your house for Thanksgiving. They won't be alone...there will probably be a full house there, too.

    As for the rest of it...sending hugs and strength. Hope things quiet down for you soon.
  6. ThreeShadows

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    Honestly, Irish women have got to be some of the strongest souls on this planet! Forge ahead, Beth! You are amazing.
  7. Hound dog

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    Beth dear you need a vacation.:tongue:

    Soon to be ex doesn't have to be alone on turkey day........there are lots of restaurants open. muahaahhhaa (and you might actually get to enjoy the holiday)
  8. HaoZi

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    Lots of churches do a Thanksgiving meal, too. Kiddo and I generally just settle in and have pizza and a movie for it (no family here), but if we want it we can go to a local church and have turkey et al there along with everyone else that shows up. A lot of homeless shelters do it for people who are not just homeless but also have no family to share it with. They're also often hurting for volunteers to help out at those events (hint hint).
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    Beth, sending many hugs.

    Now, as for the thanksgiving dinner...sounds to me like you'll already have one turkey there, so why add another?
    You have no reason to feel guilty about AH spending Thanksgiving alone. He earned the "A" in his designation by his behaviour, so he should have to suffer the consequences of it.

    Just my $0.02