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    Sorry it has been so long since I posted, I have been in the process of purchasing a house and moving...yuck!

    Thought I would jump on and check out the boards and say hello to all my old friends and give everyone an update.

    Our 13 year old difficult child has been adjusting very well to our new home, she is much more comfortable here than at our other house. I think it has to do with the size, as strange as it sounds, when she lived with her bio mom, they were always in a trailer, apartment, or very small house, so she is used to everything being in small quarters, but she moved in with us and we had a 4500 square foot house and that was so large and overwhelming to her I think it made her uncomfortable. Our new home that we purchased is only about 2500 square foot. This is still not a small house, but it is downsizing quite a bit for us and I have noticed that she seems more comfortable. The only concern that she has now is her new school. She has never been to a big school before, and she is very scared. She starts tomorrow, so we will see how things go. On the bright side, before she left her old school, she had brought up all of her grades to A's and B's, which if you all remember, she was failing nearly every class before, so this was a major accomplishment for her.

    Our 5 year old difficult child has been adjusting decently well, somedays are good, other days are bad. She is happy to be closer to her dad, he is only about halfway across town instead of being in another state. She likes her new school (she started last week), but home life has been crazy since we have been in the process of moving, and she doesn't deal well with craziness. We have always found that when things are in order and her belongings are in their rightful place, she is on her schedule, and everything flows, she is much happier, and now all her belongings have found a new rightful place, her schedule has been interrupted, and nothing seems to be, coming home after school instead of going to spend time with grandma has been a bit tough for her I think. She is getting ready to join a competitive cheerleading squad at the gymnastics center here in our new town, and she will be taking cheerleading and tumbling. She is very excited about this, and I feel that it is a great move, both for her physical health and for her mental health. I really feel that it will give her someplace positive to focus all the excess energy she has, instead of it getting her into trouble.
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    Wow! Congrats on the new house and getting your moving done. A chore I know only too too well. lol Not fun.

    It does sound like 13 yr old difficult child is doing very well! I hope she loves her new school. (and fresh start) Hope her first day goes smoothly. Good thing is that in a bigger school being the new student sometimes isn't as bad as in a small school.

    Aw, I can picture 5 yr old difficult child in cheerleading an tumbling. You'll have to snap some pics cuz I'm sure she's gonna be cute as heck. Watch her for it being too much. At 5 she might not be able to handle 2 extra activities. I'm sure you'll get her settled back into a routine soon. Takes a bit of time to get settled.

    Great update. Hope that now you're all moved in we get to see more of you.

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    Well, it is mostly just joining the Cheerleading Squad, but they have tumbling practice so that they can learn to do the flips and things like that, the center offers BIG discounts on the gymnastics program for the cheerleaders, but I thought that two practices in one week was good to start, and we will see how things go before we try to add anything else.