Sorry, you are outside of our service area...HUH?!?!?!?

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    Upon further reflection the therapist provided by the intensive intervention service is NOT going to work. It took me an extra day to wade through memories of his eccentric musings. The guy is still brilliant but not set up to deal with difficult child. Reasons:

    *Told difficult child he didn't belong in the hospital and should not have been there, said it is a behavior issue and difficult child is smart, can act better
    *Stressed that issues are ONLY at home
    *Told difficult child he doesn't buy into diagnosis, people are just people and make choices
    *Does some BS Gestalt "in the here and now" therapy model which may be nice but by refusing to look at the past we are also refusing to look at a violent tendency and history. I guess we can just will ourselves better.:sick:



    Okay, so what we were assured was intensive post hospital therapy and intervention is a joke. No surprise there. Made appointment for just myself and husband to go to regular psychiatrist this Friday because there is a lot that needs discussing without difficult child present. Also a last ditch effort to find a source of decent therpay or counseling that can help us manage difficult child. I also mailed off a huge packet of documents and an application to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) we can afford. I am so shredded that I fear he won't get in even though they have room. I have lost all hope outside of foster care or dumping my problems on my Mother.

    Oh yeah, psychiatrist session is on husband's birthday, nnniiiccceeeee. As it turns out it was the exact same place we had his birthday "celebration" last year. Irony, it's priceless.:laugh: gets even better. I spent the better part of the day trying to secure services further afield since we are rural and is an oxymoron out here.

    Childrens hospital psychiatric- no openings through end of December. Appointment book for beyond not even out yet. Oh joy!

    High end big city hospital with glamorous website describing a truck load of amazing services like in home, intensive and 20 other categories in between- Have contract with state MH, in MO. We are in Illinois and they are the closest decent sized city just an hour away but won't see us since we are not Mo residents, period end of story. Chicago is 6 hours from us. forget about the fact that they are the nearest hospital with services, real services.

    Closest hospital in our state, still outside of what insurance considers our area-10 minutes away from first hospital but across one crappy bridge, hospital that discharged difficult child just the other day without a viable treatment plan. They also closed their intensive day program so inpatient or nothing.

    Over the last 18 months I have called every single resource number, agency and then some that I could. I called every single one of the dozen numbers they all suggested because they were out of our service area (read won't help our county). Each of those numbers led to more numbers all of which finally culminated in a calling circle that repeats the same group of useless numbers. Now all I say is "I already tried them".

    The insurance who is willing to pay has it's hands tied by a hospital that refuses to treat.

    The right hospital won't help because we are out of area.

    The agencies don't have funding or experienced staff.

    There is nothing, no therapy available, we are at the end. NO ONE.

    *bangs head on wall*

    So now, a kid we were doing well with on the right medications until we needed an adjust that got messed up, is getting "evicted" from his home and family because of behaviors he cannot help and a lack of actual medical care at any price. now not just a victim of an illness but the system too. Reminds me of the movie "John Q".

    My only emergency plan if there is an incident between now and Residential Treatment Center (RTC): Take violent 6'2" mentally unstable teen 1:15 away in the ole' mini van to the out of state hospital with good services. FORCE an admission from ER whereby he is in their system and they cannot spit him out without step down services as promised by the insurance. Once he is in they are stuck and I will REFUSE to take him unless they have a VIABLE treatment plan or they transfer him to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) themselves.

    Is it just me or did Christmas come early this year?;)