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  1. susiestar

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    :whiteflag: I put this over here because this is the area I have really miscommunicated in. I owe you all an apology and I am so sorry that on a couple of threads my answers seemed too abrupt or judgemental. I know one of them was in response to a "poor kid" statement.

    When I wrote the response I had a complete thought that I wanted to convey. Somehow as I typed it and went over it to make it sound right I came across as being too judgmental and as pointing fingers. :bag:

    I did not mean to cast stones or upset anyone. I just have such a problem right now with the addition of keppra that it is very hard to get the right words on paper. I try to go over all my posts a few times to make things sound "like me".

    Wakeupcall and MidwestMom, I know for sure that what I wrote came off sounding wrong and judgmental. Other posts have come across being very black and white. :916blusher:

    I cannot even think of a group of people I admire more than all of you here at our "soft place". I am sorry for sounding like I don't support you.

    Thanks for understanding. I am going to take a little more time and write some shorter answers in the next few weeks until I can get this medication out of my body.
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    No apology necessary, susiestar. I've been on this forum for years and years, which makes me very aware that often the tone of a post is entirely NOT as it comes out. We're all just here to, more than anything, be a sounding board. All of you have helped me immensely over the years.....if for nothing else but to see what is going on in my life in black and white type. All of you have a way of grounding me.......and I often need just that!
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    Susie, don't sweat it. You are still a long way from the harsh/brusque way in which I present myself entirely too often.

    Heck, even the gov't SSDI psychiatrist at my SSDI hearing commented on how "flat" I was.

    Heck, I have trouble communicating face to face. Oddly, I do best over the phone or via email and I hate phones, LoL.

    I think everyone will understand it.
  4. Fran

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    Susie, as someone who tends to be blunt, I appreciate your apology and that you are trying to fix something that may be hurtful to others.
    I apologize when I make a mistake and appreciate when others do too.
    Hang in there. We still love you.
  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    Susie, you are one of the sweetest posters on the board. I thought *I* was the one who sounded like a jerk :tongue:. And sometimes days later, after I read my own posts if I do, I cringe and think I wrote with too much harshness or bluntness. The compassion tends to get lost in black letters with a white background. It's hard to tell how we really felt. Plus some of us (like me) can be sensitive about certain issues.
    You rock! :D:peaceful:
  6. Marguerite

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    Suz, I also responded on that thread and may have seemed critical of you. I'm sorry if I did, because it wasn't intended. I was simply trying to point to a different interpretation of what the original poster may have meant. If it came across as critical of you, I am sorry. It was not intended.

    Hope you feel better soon with the medication out of your system. I always feel so impatient while waiting to wean off something!

    Hang in there, don't worry. You are a darling person, we love you.