Sound like Blood Pressure???


Mom? What's a difficult child?
K got up this a.m. and was climbing into our bed, to say Hi to Daddy who just got home, she said she couldn't see and felt wierd... she started wretching and threw up bile 2x's, went pale and felt dizzy. I had her lie down on my pillows. I had her head elevated and her feet also. After a few moment sshe felt fine.

I had this happen when I was Preggers a bunch, where I would feel like I was gonna black out, my vision would start to go, I would feel naseaus, and have to sit. Also go pale... husband has had this happen also.

Can anyone think of anything else it might be???

I am waiting for POC to call me back today... our weekly chat!!!


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I think this can be common side effect from Abilify, that does affect the blood pressure, and can give one "head rushes" if they stand up to fast. Just guessing though - definitely tell psychiatrist - especially since she is also on the prazosin which affects BiPolar (BP), right?


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Yes, Prazosin does as well I believe, one of the side effects of Prazosin in the beginning is the possibility of fainting...
I think it is her BiPolar (BP) but just thought I would ask you all in case you guy's saw or thought of the possibility of something else before I talk to psychiatrist.
Thanks WW.


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I normally have high blood pressure and take medications for it. Right after I had easy child, I had bouts of extremely low blood pressure - and that's how I felt - nauseous and pale - and I couldn't hear or see - that's how it felt, anyway - like my hearing and sight were slowing dwindling - and I did used to pass out. Weird and scary.

Hugs to you. Hope you find out for sure soon.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Busywend- Well I can't say for sure at that point in time, she had just woken up... she usually drinks a ton of water right before bed, which I don't like but she holds it in pretty well...
She drinks pretty good amounts throughout the day, we don't drink pop. She doesn't really drink juice either just water. I will give her an emergency, the powder drink with electrolytes in it because she actually likes that... but not very often. Just milk and water and herbal tea. Of course I always push her to drink more...
Thanks ladies

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No other incidences during the day to suggest a virus?

Yep. I'd let the doctor know. Sounds like what I did til I was about 3 mos preggers. And it was BiPolar (BP) related. Didn't help that at that time I always had a real low BiPolar (BP) to begin with.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
No Lisa- She has some allergies hitting her mildly... runny nose some sneezing, not too bad. I have low BiPolar (BP) as well so I was the same during pregnancy...
Of course today was the day I really wanted to talk to psychiatrist and he did not call for our weekly update!?!?!
I called in the a.m. and then called back at the end of the day and left a message that I was concerned about K and her reactions...
hopefully in the morning...

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Prazosin is an antihypertensive -- beta blocker blood pressure medication. Abilify like all the antipychotics can cause problems with blood pressure, including a drop in blood pressure when standing up. Those two drugs together could easily cause the symptoms you describe. More seriously, blood pressure irregularity can be a symptom of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS).