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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by fionamay41, Feb 12, 2008.

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    ok beginning to find my feet on here now so forgive me if i go on a bit. firstly i noticed you are mostly from the US i am over here in the cold wet UK hope that doesn't make a difference.
    my son causes me my biggest concern at the moment firstly the professionals eg family doctor, psychologist said it was adhd the we went down the austism spectrum route now they are saying conduct disorder, the poor kid doesn't know where he is ,i don't know where we are and the battle continues but hey tomorrow is another day.

    son number 2 is ok no major problems happy go lucky kind of kid

    daughter in a relationship with a partner 10 years older has just told me she is pregnant not good news

    i am tired, fed up, annoyed, grumpy etc why do all of my family feel i can cope and deal with all of this at the moment i feel i could just walk out the door and not come back anyway that it for now thanks for listening
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    Welcome to the board. It doesn't matter where you live, a difficult child(gift from God) is a difficult child and a parent is a parent no matter where you live.

    I have soooo been there done that(been there done that). Had those days when I was ready to run away from home. You are not alone.

    What helped me deal with a difficult child(or a least understand a little) was reading The Defiant Child by Ross Greene. It is an eye opener.

    Sending hug and thoughts to help you through this rough patch.

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    Welcome Fiona.
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    Hi Fiona!!!
    Your post reminded me of a t-shirt I used to waer to work - Underpaid, overtired, fed up and tired. It is my motto! I hope the grandchild becomes a source of joy at some point in the near future (not much to stop it now!!) Tell us more about your difficult child - many opinions and experiences to draw from here - you found a great place for info and support!
    (I've been to the UK - yes, wet, cloudy - hope some sunshine somes your way!!!)
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    Welcome, Fiona.