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    Reading the comments from people that know the family makes me question whether the story is true. At the very least, it's not the whole story.
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    It's never the whole story, and this just hit the news here. However you cut it, it's a nasty situation.
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    Whatever is going on, it is nasty and sad. I wish we had some way to know how people come to think actions like this are a good idea, or even a doable idea. It must have been terrifying to wake up to find your home filling with natural gas, your floors soaked with gasoline and your fireplace lit.

    Before i put stock in or pay attention to the comments of family members, friends, and others who know the people involved, I look at what family, friends and acquaintances said about my chiild when he was violent. I also remember how extended family perceived the situation - and how different those were than what was going on. Friends and family can have some insight into what is going on in a home, but unless you live there and pay attention it is easy to miss things or misunderstand.

    I just hope that the entire family can get help, esp the son, and that they can all be safe from intentional violence in the future.
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    I don't pay much attention to feed back from outside immediate family. And even then one has to be careful. This guys wording makes me think that the kid to some extent was able to keep up appearances. So what others "saw" may not have been what was really going on.

    And so many of our kids are able to do that outside of the home, but inside it's a whole different ballgame.

    I'm glad he didn't succeed with his plans.
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    First off - this man is extremely calm for having just had an attempt on his and his wife's life over $300.00. The fact that he even agreed to be interviewed? Very odd to me. My son tried to blow me up? The last people I'd want to talk to? Newscasters. I'm just saying his behavior is either (to me) VERY medicated or reminds me of people I've known who have had years of being in trouble with the law and practiced that calm demeanor to make you think they are above the law/innocent to throw off suspicion of any wrong doing on their part at all initially you think "Wow what a nice person."

    Next? There was not a mention of "His Mother and I, or us. It was "me, me, me, I." There didn't seem to be a lot of concern or rise and pitch/emotion in his voice for his wife or his neighbors homes should that home have blown up. - again to me? Of course everyone handles stress differently, but his body language, flat monotone voice and use of self concern? A flag.

    Then there was the final comment about "He's a nice kid until he tried to kill you." That is a line out of a movie - can't put my finger on it, but when it was said in the movie? It got a laugh. So that's a memory or something he's using and it's not funny here.

    I don't know anything about the family, I don't know their financial situation, or their dynamics, how many other children were in the house. However - I do feel there is more to this story, mostly because at this point IMVHO HAD this child been a problem in the past or a difficult child or been in trouble with the law prior to this? I think a Father that was willing to go on the news and tell this horrilble tale, would have used this chance to say something like "We've tried to get him help before and no one would listen and now this." - He never made mention of prior offenses.

    I think a lot of stuff is going to come out about this family, and I'm not convinced this Father didn't have something to do with the gasoline or had it done or something - It's rather convenient that everyone woke up and had the gas turned off before the house was a total loss, and he died?

    Then there's the fact that the only thing they are charging the boy with is arson? Without proof? How about grand theft auto? How about attempted murder? Conspiracty to commit murder? I mean things don't add up here - and the LACK of charges prove it.

    I'm on the fence about this one folks.
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    From the paper a few days ago: "has been preliminarily charged with attempted arson, theft, auto theft and receiving stolen property."
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    Oh, boy, this is definitely a difficult child and his difficult child family.
    The story was poorly written, too. I have to wonder if it was edited down to make room for an ad or something.

    What a mess.
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    I see a ton of online news stories with very poor editing from all over. It's sad.
    In this case, they print exactly what's said during the TV version of the news, so it's more of a transcript than an article.
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    Arson, theft, auto theft and receiving stolen property - and this is probably the last you'll see of this story........UGH.

    I was following the story about that 16 year old girl/prostitute in Tennessee they found guilty of murder too - held her until she was 19 before they had her trial and found her guilty. Cyntoia Brown. WOW....they had her on murder, robbery - and later dropped the robbery charges, but she got life in prison at 16. The thing was - they held her in jail until she didn't look LIKE a child any longer THEN tried her. I read the entire court transcript and watched the on -line ETV/PBS special. It was so sad.....there was history of genetic abuse - grandmother abused, mother drank and did crack and was a prostitue while she was pregnant and is STILL in jail for drug sales - and is just (whatever) about this little girl being in jail for the rest of her life for this. She was diagnosis with borderline personality disorder as a result of fetal alcohol syndrome, being born addicted to crack - and not having a stable environment from birth to 4 years old. Just now in jail she'll get rehabilitation. Her family wants her released. I thought - NOPE - she killed a man. She can get rehab, but how unfortunate that it took THIS for her to get help. The question everyone wants answered is - should she be in prison for life? Is this curable?

    Any thoughts?