Sparkling Wine Gift?

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    Someone posted about the best champagne for a gift - can't remember who. here is an article that specifically is about best sparkling wines for gifts: Sparkling Wine Gifts | Food & Wine

    If you odn't have time to go read it, here is an excerpt of the listed wines:

    [h=2]Sparkling Wine Gifts: Top Bottles[/h] [h=3]NV Casteller Brut Cava ($10)[/h] A terrific wine to buy by the case for holiday parties, this crisp cava has pretty, sweet citrus peel notes.
    [h=3]2010 Bera Moscato d'Asti ($18)[/h] Shout-outs from rappers like Drake have made sweet Moscato a best-seller in the US. This one, from Piedmont's Asti region, has orange blossom and honeysuckle aromas.
    [h=3]NV Sorelle Bronca Extra Dry Prosecco ($18)[/h] Artisan Prosecco is getting much better thanks to producers like the Bronca sisters, who make this floral bottling with organic grapes.
    [h=3]NV Scharffenberger Brut ($19)[/h] Cool-climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from northern California give this wine spice and bright, appley fruit.
    [h=3]NV Jean Laurent Blanc de Blancs ($52)[/h] This elegant grower Champagne makes a great aperitif, but it's also rich enough to drink through dinner.
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    Thanks for sharing. I printed out the post for future reference. Every few years I want something bubbly and never know what to get. Now I have a guide. DDD