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  1. TerryJ2

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    How do I get the smell out of the litterbox? I poop scoop 3X a day but it still smells. I assume it's the urine. About once a wk, I've been dumping the entire thing and starting over. Very expensive! Maybe I'm just super sensitive, but I hate it. :help:
  2. tiredmommy

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    I use clumping litter so most of the urine is removed when I scoop, I also sprinkle the bottom of the tray with baking soda when I redo a tray.
  3. mstang67chic

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    You can try using the odor absorbing litter....I've heard that helps. Something I've done before too is to mix some baking soda in with the liter when I put fresh in and mix it around a bit. I've also bought stuff that's kind of like carpet fresh but for the litter box.
  4. slsh

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    I use diluted bleach to clean around the box, as well as the box itself. We also use the clumping litter for multiple cats which makes daily scooping much easier. Baking soda is a great idea (smacking myself in head) - going to have to give that a try.

    Our geriatric cat tends to miss the box these days so I got those puppy training pads and have them spread out under and around the box. At least Figaro gets in the right general area. Poor baby is so old and has been such a dear family member for so long, I just can't get worked up about his accidents. The pads make clean up much easier. Our 2 girls are a little overzealous about covering their deeds and the pads catch the flying litter from them as well.
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    I have a male cat with a strong scent and I use Arm & Hammer Super Scoop clumping litter. I scoop frequently and change the whole thing once a week (which is expensive because he's a big 19 pound cat and needs a lot of litter). They make an multi-cat formula which I would use but it's not fragerance free.

    Every few weeks when I change it I soak fill it up with hot water and add some Murphy's Oil Soap. Bleach would be better but I heard some cats really react negatively to the odor and I didn't want to invite problems.

    When the cleaning no longer helped, I dumped the box and got a new one.
  6. AnnieO

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    Citrus or apple Lysol the box each time you scoop, lightly, then when you dump spray the box till it's wet and let dry, then fill.

    The baking soda works too but you may get white pawprints everywhere.
  7. Star*

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    Yesterdays news unscented was excellent for my rats - it's a little spendy, but I have a nose that would rival a bloodhounds (not kidding)

    Maybe instead of the traditional litters you can try it or Feline Pine. ??
  8. TerryJ2

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    Great ideas. Thank you all!
  9. busywend

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    I think you have to shop around for the right liter for the cat. I tried some of the cheaper brands and they just did not work well enough. Then I tried a different spendy brand and even that did not work as well as the one I like best. Fresh step!
    I do not really rinse out the liter box as I was told the scent has to stay there for them to keep using it. Am I a dirty person now??!! Ewwww! I dump once a week, but never have rinsed it. Huh! Who knew!
  10. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I asked a friend/vet tech/pharmacy sales and she also said that you may want to check with your vet and have the kitty checked for urinary tract problems. Too strong a urine smell 'could' indicate a problem with a number of things wrong with cats.

    Then again - it could just be your nose. But never hurts to ask the vet.

    I know with ferrets they have something you can now put in the water to make their tootsies and sprinkle not smell so bad. Still - it's not enough for me. Unless they come up with ferret flushes it's own poo? I'm not getting one.
  11. AnnieO

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    Ferrets just stink, period. mother in law loves them and has had up to 6 at a time. I hate them. Told husband, when we got the house, one ferret or one dog. mother in law said take the dog. Thank goodness.

    They're sweet though - when they're not biting!

    Possum has a recurring NASTY urinary infection - about every 2 years. Urine smells sweet and mildewy. Something else to keep in mind...
  12. TerryJ2

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    I agree, a ferret would do me in. One of my s-i-ls had one. Ew. Cute little thing, but ew.

    I will try all of your suggestions.
  13. SRL

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  14. susiestar

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    I second the recommendation for Fresh Step. It just works. Though Sams had some stuff in a big pail with a super tight lid. It seems to be working very well with our cats.

    kroger, if you live near one, used to sell a house brand litter that was almost as good as Fresh Step.

    In the kitty aisle of WalMart they sell these little airfreshener thingys that you peel the top off and set on the floor by the litter box. I was amazed because the smell doesn't cause migraines and most stuff with an odor does and because it really helped stop the smell.
  15. TerryJ2

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    Thank you!