Speaking of dentists....Im down 4 more teeth...and it HURT!

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    I went in today to see my dentist thinking it was just the one really bad tooth on the left side of upper front teeth. Well...after he looked at them all it was decided that the only two worth even considering saving at this point in time were my two very front teeth. Every thing else on the top went. Now I have my two front top teeth and one molar in the back on each side on the top. I have all the bottom teeth in the front so far but no back teeth.

    The dentist didnt listen to me about how I dont numb up like most people. The epinephrine they put in the shots makes me shake and get all upset plus it makes the medicine leave my body very fast. I have to have more shots than the average person. There is another type shot they can give but I never remember the name so they dont take me seriously. Anyway...they attempted to get me numb but I could still feel them working on me. He took one tooth I dont think he had thought he was going to take so I dont think he had actually given the shots to numb for that tooth but he hoped it would hold over. It didnt. One of the teeth snapped in half and flew across me and hit the assistant on her chest. About this time all pain control was gone and he had begun to file my jawbone down with some kind of metal file on the top of my mouth. I was moaning with tears coming down my face and choking. He finally said...well we are done and he looked at me. He said "is it really hurting?" I nodded yes. He asked how long and I told him. He said damn and ran to get another two needles of anesthesia I felt those and winced badly. He was so shocked.

    I was shaking so badly. I had to drive myself home and I went by Billy's job and asked him to pick me up soft stuff so I could have something to put in my tummy so I can take my medications.

    I am freaking miserable. I know people who have teeth pulled and they are just fine the minute the tooth is out. Tony for example. Me? Everything in the world goes wrong for me. Just a few weeks ago I found a sliver of bone working its way out of my gum in the back. Thankfully it wasnt a big issue.

    I hope I get some sleep tonight. I cant believe Tony didnt even call me after I had this done though. I had to call him. Sigh.
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    I am so incredibly sorry. There is NO excuse for a dentist being so totally oblivious to your pain. Just NONE!! Did he give you more pain medications and can your pain doctor give you increased medication for a week or two as you heal? this is just so totally inexcusable of the dentist AND the person helping him!!!!!!! Things like this are why I am flat out terrified of the dentist. My childhood dentist didn't "believe" in novacaine and gave about 1/3 or less of the amount most dentists used. He thought his patients, even the adults, were just being babies - and he would tell you so!

    I am just so sorry that you had to go through that. I really hope that the dentist will work Occupational Therapist (OT) make your recovery as easy as possible. be SURe to call at all hours if you are huting. he caused the pain and HE can deal with late night calls taht you are sick and in pain.

    You may want to consider filing a complaint against him. he was totally irresponsible and he should pay so that he learns to always be SURE a patient is unable to feel during a procedure.

    You are not alone in being in so much pain after a procedure. i am sending all the good vibes I can for your speedy recovery!
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    Hugs (((((hugs))))) Janet

    You know I've been there done that, got the tee shirt. Sad to say but the anesthesia issue is why I have such a huge enormous fear of dentist in the first place. I can tolerate pain amazingly well, everywhere except my mouth.

    I agree with Susie, make certain dentist keeps this pain under control and deals with any and all issues that crop up. (I also have the misfortune far too often have complications from extractions)

    I do like the guy I have now. He at least listens to me about the fact I require much more anesthetic than your average patient, has no issue giving it to me (although often is amazed at how much it takes), and no issue about waiting the sufficient amount of time for it to work properly. On top of that is quite skilled at extraction so it's over with fairly quickly, not giving the medications time to wear off. That alone is enough to make me love the guy.

    A bit of advice, if your enamel tends to crumble, don't get a bridge. The pressure and metal fastenings will (regardless of dentist claims) cause your tooth enamel to give way on the anchor teeth. I haven't worn my lower bridge since shortly after getting it when it did exactly that, I was soooooooooo mad. But turns out lowers aren't required. I eat just fine without them.

    Baby yourself the next few days. Scrambled/boiled eggs, soup, jello, pudding, mashed potatoes, oatmeal...........you know the drill.

  4. HaoZi

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    Hopefully it gets better now. I hope Billy and Tony bring you nice soft foods and take care of you.
  5. buddy

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    wishing you a speedy recovery. sorry you had to go through that. sounds awful. I know I am in for it at some point. uggg. really sorry.
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    OMG Janet! I hope you are feeling better by now! Dentists like this one are the reason I'm absolutely terrified of them too. I haven't been in years and my teeth are in terrible shape. And if one of them had put me through that and then had the NERVE to say "is it really hurting?" to me ... I probably would have responded with a swift kick to one of his more sensitive bodiy regions! WTH!!!

    From what I've seen, 99 % of them are like this and I have no interest in going through that 99 to find the one who is decent. And I don't trust most of them as far as I could throw them! Besides the fact that they charge waaaaay more than I could ever afford, I firmly believe that most of them recommend things that aren't really necessary. And the more money they think you have to spend, the more things they will find that are "necessary".
  7. susiestar

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    Donna, I TOTALLY agree with you!! Esp about charging more if they think you have more. jess ran into a concrete pole at school a few years back and first we were told one amount. then I had to call my parents to loan us the money and the dentist tried to charge $200 MORE. He said he had given me a "break" because he thought we were broke, but since we had family to chip in, well, he had to charge the "full" amount. I called BS and got the usual and standard fee for my area for that service (you can find these online) and told him he was getting that much and nothing more because that was his CONTRACT with our insurance carrier. His contracted fee with the ins co was a full $100 less than the "giving you a break" amount that he asekd for. which means $300 less than the amt he wanted when he found we could borrow $ from my parents. Tlak about BS.

    We went to this guy because the dentist we had previously tried to file medical neglect charges because we refused to get braces for Wiz. Why did we refuse? He would nOT brush his teeth. not for weeks at a time. He would NOt take care of anything and said he would ifght and bite if anyone tried to put braces in his mouth. We did NOT feel it was worth the money because there was just no way short of general anesthetic to get the braces on or to do the adjustments. cps laughed the dentist out of the office, thankfully.

    So I agree wth you on much of the dental stuff.

    I bite if it hurts. One doctor didn't respond and wedges my mouth open. He shouldn't have leaned so close to my hand. I had long fingernails and used them to grab his upper leg to make him stop. From that point he treated me far more carefully.
  8. DammitJanet

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    I have some issue that has to be related to one of my anxiety problems but I want to be the perfect patient and when I cant do something exactly right the way a doctor or nurse tells me to do it, I apologize all over the place. I have no clue why I do that. Like yesterday I was apologizing for the shots hurting me. Absurd.
  9. donna723

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    Susie, did you have medical insurance when Jess ran in to the pole at school? Usually, even if you don't have dental insurance, your regular medical insurance will cover dental problems if they are the result of an accident. When my son was in elementary school they were playing baseball at recess one day. He was trying to steal second base but the second baseman was a really large girl who was equally determined to tag him out. She ended up tagging him right in the mouth, loosening his two front teeth! We never had dental insurance because what was offered on our State employees plan was basically useless but our regular medical insurance covered the payments to the dentist that treated him. All we had to pay was the regular co-pays.
  10. susiestar

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    Donna, we DID have reg medication insurance AND dental insurance. Our medical would not cover one penny of the costs. The school's insurance refused to pay also. I was just shocked when the dentist upped the price because he heard me ask my mom to help with the bill and thought he could get more money. I then spoke with the dental ins co and they said that he would get a much lower sum and he had a contract saying he couldn't charge us more. We didn't need the $ from my mom after we put the contract on the table and threatened to get a class action suit together. He ended up in a LOT of trouble because I reported this and he was audited by several different groups - the state, several ins co's, even a fraud complaint was investigated. I didn't find out the results of the investigations - just knowing he was audited and investigated was enough for me.

    Thanks though, Donna, for suggesting that we try our health insurance. At the tme I posted here about it and someone suggested to try our medical insurance and to call the dental insurance co. otherwise I would NOT have known to fight his prices. Did you know that while reg eye exams are not covered on health insurance, some eye problems ARE? If you have to see an opthalmologist (eye doctor with an MD) and it is for more than an exam for glasses/contacts, often your reg medical insurance will cover the whole visit. Not any corrective lenses for glasses/contacts, but for the exams and any medical treatments.
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    Ouch! Dentists are not my favorites, either. Hope you heal up quickly.
  12. witzend

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    ugh... I'm sorry that you are having such a hard time with your teeth! I remember when I was a kid I absolutely refused to brush my teeth, even though one year I had 11 teeth filled. Between the abscess I got in my 30's that had to be root canaled first from above then surgically below, and having my gums "planed" now I'm a freak about it. I even told husband, "If I get Alzheimer's and stop brushing my teeth, make me do it anyway." I'm terrified of losing my teeth.

    I hope that you will be able to get them replaced? What a bummer!
  13. Signorina

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    Yikes -- Feel better soon!
  14. susiestar

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    Janet, I am sorry you feel you have to be the perfect patient. that is a lot of stress. Esp as what we think are perfect patients, the ones who never complain, never object or argue, etc... are actually NOT the perfect patients in the doctor's eyes.