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    So, I have these neighbors. The ones that were shooting the bottle rockets off for days on end. From their roof. The ones who shared the one's breakup with his girlfriend with the neighborhood.

    These same neighbors have 3 dogs. 2 belong to the 'nice' one. I say that because he is nice to the dogs - very gentle with them. The other neighbor needs to be taken out. The 2 dogs the 'nice' one has are Airedales. Beautiful dogs. Sweet dogs, fortunately. Their names are Bowser and Guiness. The entire neighborhood knows their names. Not because they wear nametags or because they were introduced by their owners - who don't seem to associate with the neighbors. But, because Bowser and Guiness are always just let out and allowed to roam and then the guy stands outside calling them. Repeatedly. Daily. "Come on, boy. Wanna treat? Come on, Bowser. Come on, Guiness. Hungry? Good boys. Come on. Bowser. Guiness. Come on, boys. Wanna treat?" Sometimes it takes a while for the dogs to decide to go back home.

    So, I just took my dogs, Jewel and Buster, out. I don't have to put them on tie-outs because they don't take off. Well, Buster has started to wander a bit, but when I call him and walk over to him and he lays down in the grass. He was put on the tie-out earlier. Really didn't like it. He didn't run off after that today.

    Anyway, I take the dogs out. As soon as we get on the patio, we hear this ferocious barking. Now, I know the Airedale's aren't aggressive, but a dog's excited bark sounds that way. Then I hear this clammering and hear comes Guiness. I grabbed a hold of Jewel's collar just so she wouldn't take off. I tried to grab Guiness' collar, but - surprise, surprise - there wasn't one. I was trying to grab ahold of Buster's harness, but he was too busy going on the attack (guess he forgets that he's 5.7 pounds) and then literally screaming as if he's being killed when Guiness walks around him. I mean screaming. No other way to describe it.

    Guiness wasn't at all aggressive, but obviously Buster was beyond freaking out.

    As Guiness got loose, his owner is calling him. Then he goes back in the house. So, I'm down on the patio, holding on to Jewel, trying to grab ahold of Guiness, then Buster so Buster doesn't start something, **** off Guiness and get squashed in one chomp.

    Did I mention I'm not really fond of these neighbors?

    So, here it is, 9:30 at night and I'm yelling - very loudly - across the neighborhood - "COME GET YOUR DOG!!!" About 3 or 4 times. It echoed. This whole time Buster is screaming like he's being tortured and this guy saunters out of his house and saunters around the fence, through the bushes and into my yard like he has all the time in the world while I'm trying to keep Buster from getting himself killed and trying to keep Jewel from running off.

    He finally makes it over and I let him know that I tried to catch him, but that he didn't have a damn collar on and that he NEEDS to get his dog. NOW.

    And Guiness was in no hurry to go home. Then as I'm holding Buster and Guiness is still evading his owner, Guiness makes his way over to me and Buster snarls and goes on the attack and I'm thinking, oh, hell, I'm going to be in the middle of a dog fight. I was NOT happy as in my squating position I was literally nose to nose with Guiness.

    This guy didn't offer one bit to help me try to get my dogs out of the way so he could catch his. I couldn't move without letting one go. His dog was all over the place.

    I believe this is where I stop being nice. I'm also pretty sure the entire neighborhood recognizes my voice now.
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    This is when you call animal control. If they ask why YOUR dogs weren't restrained, well, you were in the process of getting them in. Nice or not, this is not a way to handle dogs.
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    (Almost) nothing makes me madder than irresponsible dog owners! Besides being annoying to the whole neighborhood, the dog could wander off, get hit by a car, or be stolen! If they continue to allow their dogs to roam the neighborhood, I'd be calling Animal Control too! They couldn't care much about those dogs if they let them just roam around and go in other peoples yards.

    For the last week or so, we've had one too, but I'm not sure which neighbor it belongs to. Cute little black and white dog but it runs loose all the time. My three go into hysterical barking fits whenever its around. And now it's discovered that I leave food and water out on my back porch for my thundering herd of outside kitties ... it's started chasing the cats away and eating all their food ... their food that I pay for! When I'm not home I keep my mixed breed, Freebie, on a long lead attached to my big covered front porch. She has a bed, food & water on the porch and her lead is long enough that she can get out in the grass. I came home today and found the little black and white dog up on the porch with Freebie and they were playing and wagging their tails!
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    Heather................. I know you're major POed right now, but.........

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I saw it all in my head and was laughing all the way thru it. Not at the neighbors dog.........(that ticks me off) But at the image of dinky lil Buster trying to protect YOU. And then screaming like a banshee when the other dog got too close. (I see Buster hasn't yet decided whether he's brave or scared to death or both at once)

    Sorry. The image of him going up against an airdale just cracked me up. Our fierce lil man. :D

    If your animal control is better than ours......and I hope it is.........Time to start calling them each and every time their dogs are spotted out of the yard. Their dogs are entitled to go out without a leash.....IF they can stay in their OWN yard. Just as yours do. Plus I know you're keeping an eye on the dogs when they're out, it's not like you just let them roam.

    Are the jerks renting? Find out who owns the house and start complaining.

    Why? Cuz no way is Buster gonna stop trying to protect you and the kids. Yorkies are big on that, size or not.

    by the way, I got my gate fixed. And guess what? Rowdy jumped it. Still don't know how he got off his lead. But he came to the front door to ask for breakfast. :faint: Hasn't got off since. sister in law is tackling the kennel his next day off. I'm thankful he came right to the front door instead of roaming.

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    I am with the Call Animal control EVERY TIME you see either of these dogs camp. This is just irresponsible, esp to ahve you have to shout for him several times, for him to be so non-responsive is just not right. this is not "nice" animal ownership. Call the owners of the house (you can probably look it up on the county website or find the right office to call to find out) and say that the tenants are letting their dogs run all over and terrorize your dogs. The owners won't want to deal with it, so they will end the lease as soon as they can.

    Sorry you have to deal with all this. (((hugs)))
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    It looks like he owns the home. However, it also appears that he's a couple of years delinquent on his property taxes. Don't they seize the property eventually for non-payment?

    We have a Community Services officer that I could call who would have a talk with him. I'd hate to see the dogs end up with Animal Control. But, I'm hesitant to really stir things up because I do rent and I have more animals than I'm supposed to have. It was a don't ask, don't tell kinda thing with the landlord but I'd rather not push it.

    Lisa, too funny you called Buster 'lil man'. That's what I call him all the time.

    If it happens again, I'll decide how to handle it. It was his lack of sense of urgency and doing nothing to help that pushed me over the edge.
  7. Hound dog

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    We used to have a Jack Russel that lived where the pit bull lives now........Meanest lil snot dog I've run across in a long long time. I mean this dog was never on a lead or tie out and he terrorized his whole block. (I lived around the corner in the rental at the time) Nor was he bluffing. He'd come up and bite at you while snarling and such.

    My friend and I used to take the kids on a daily walk along with her dogs and Molly and Rowdy. Molly and Rowdy would look at this lil guy like he was demented or something. But I'd get so mad because he'd scare the kids to death biting at them and his owners thought it was sooooo funny. (and you already know our dog warden......)

    So everyday we'd walk by and every day this Jack Russel would "attack" kids would scream and try to keep from being bitten. Got so bad that I drop kicked the lil snot a couple of times. (sorry, don't try to bite a baby on my watch) And he was still too stupid to stay away. And this was with Molly and Rowdy both wanting to eat it for lunch. The owners would laugh. Lovely.

    One day, I guess this dog was in a foul mood. He wouldn't give it up for nuthin. He followed us home. Now neighbors dog is a St. Bernard rott mix. Normally the sweetest dog in the world, just enormous. lol And alot like Molly in that he'd do whatever you told him to do. Stupid Jack Russel goes after Nichole (who was 12) and starts biting at her ankles. Duke (friends dog) starts growling. And now furious beyond belief I told Duke to GET HIM.

    What happened next was not pretty. Nichole (all the kids really) happened to be Dukes favorite person. Duke went after him, other dog was too stupid to back down. And Duke literally tore up the other dog's butt all the way to it's home. Ten minutes later Duke came home.

    FINALLY the owners decided it wasn't funny anymore. Put the Jack Russell on a tie out. But for 6 weeks he wore an enormous bandage on his rear. lol That was one dog who needed to be put down for aggression.

    I was so glad when they moved away.:mad:
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    OMG Daisy....in a way....that's hilarious. Duke was protecting his people while at the same time showing restraint. That size a dog could have easily had the JR for dinner but he didn't. He DID teach him a lesson though!!! Almost wish I could have seen that one! Too bad the owners of the snot didn't figure it out a lot sooner.