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    Hi ,I am new here but hoping to pump ya'll already for answers !:redface:My son is 15 and has had the adhd and odd diagnosis for a while now. Right now we have him in a partial hospital care for his anger issues...They have not ruled out bi polar, He is on 54 mg of concerta and 2mg of respidone.
    In school he basically is late for class and disrupts class verbally, Crowing like a chicken goofy but annoying stuff, Most of of the kids like him and most of the teachers think he is funny when he is NOT in their class. Recently they had a manafestation meeting and ruled that his actions are due to the adhd and odd, The princ. is wanting to send Him to day treatment. This is a school for kids who are in trouble , drugs and police kinda trouble When they mess up there its juvie...What is the right way to go here? Can I fight this ? Should I ? The princ. makes me feel like im over protective that he needs to know he will go to juvie for his actions.........Im so confused I want to do whats BEST for him... Would it be best for him to end up in juvie the mom in me screams NO but would it teach him that he cant be late , crow like a chicken , act goofy in school and not get in trouble ...He has not been violent in school , no fights , no cussing of the teachers . He did tell one he "aughta shoot her horses" he said that was all she talked about and he just got tired of it .... <---that is the worse thing he has said in school............any advice? Right now he is in Special Education classes OHI

    Thanks and sorry for the spelling and grammer:)
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    Welcome to our world..glad you found us, sorry you need to.....

    in my opinion you need a crash course in your rights as a parent of a child with an IEP. It s a very good thing that you won the MD hearing...your difficult child's behavior is now considered a manifestation of his disability for which he CANNOT be subject to normal disciplinary procedures. I DEFINITELY would not my "goofy" child who was on a rule out BiPolar (BP) diagnosis to be in an environment with acting out conduct problem kids...on their way to juvie, which is the same thing as on their way to prison, often, although there are a few people here who have gotten a "turn around" from juvie--but not many.

    Your son is entitled to be educated in the least restrictive environment aht can meet his needs... The LRE is negotiated on an INDIVIDUAL basis...the first word in IEP is "individual." You are a full participating member of the IEP team...they cannot just "send him" some where. The team needs a justification as to why he needs a more restrictive placement than he currently has because the law FAVORS but does not require inclusion.

    Basically, this part of the board deals with law, rules, and regs, and in order to benefit, you have to "get in the game" in regard to self-education. There are good threads in the archives of this section; there is a sticky post at the top of the forum posted by the other mod, Sheila, and I recommend you spend some significant time on www.wrightslaw.com reading. You cannot become a warrior mom without knowledge. Your difficult child is in danger of being a "push out" of school and you do not want that. It is possible to prevent it becasue he is IN Special Education, and you WON the manifestation determination hearing.

    You are off to a good start!

    Martie :warrior:
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    Hi thanks for your reply. I think my brain has turned to mush trying to understand my rights or his right to a education.
    <<<<<your difficult child's behavior is now considered a manifestation of his disability for which he CANNOT be subject to normal disciplinary procedures. >>>>>
    The problem is that they are giving him 4 weeks to stop his behavior or they are going to file out of control on him in court. I am thinking I need to get someone else involved , maybe a advocate? or ?

    Thank you for the welcome :) This child of mine can make me cry the hardest but laugh the hardest as well.
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    I assumed your child has an IEP or there would not have been a manifestation determination meeting. Is this correct?

    If your child has an IEP, EVERYTHING the SD does is governed by law. You do need an advocate to help you understand your rights and your child's rights in order to protect him an get an education for him. There is no such thing as 4 weeks "or else" under the law. The whole concept of how an IEP meeting is conducted, and what must be in the the IEP in the first place is written into law.

    Your SD is playing fast and loose with you. The question is how do you stop them in the best interest of your child?

    Martie :warrior:
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    Hi guys Im new here..I agree with Martie..:bravo: esp His first reply (I = individual).. though am not familiar on most abbreviated clinical/CSN terms even if i am an MA in SPED grad stude..but being an ex SD from diff education system from another country here in Asia pacific, it saddens me to know that such kind of professional approach of the SD is being asserted and definitely in a bad taste. I didn't get the situation if the child is on private school or pubic school, but from what the letter shows the mother is not even aware of IEP even if the child is already in a Sped Class(is that an LRE or Inclusion?).How come the SD doesn't know much of the program if the SPED class is under their school system?:confused: I think you can throw the book on him knowing your legal rights and that of your child. No child should be left behind. Going to the Juvie is a Nono!
    PLs bear with me on my English too, its not my mother tongue nor my handicapped but I assure you i have my heart for Children with Special needs.
    Am actually handling an ADHD child right now as shadow teacher.

    :labor_day:saigon from Philippines