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    called difficult child's new school middle school to set up an appointment. to review her 504 plan. i really want an iep yet as many of you know i didnt' get it. difficult child has to totally tank academically before she'll be eligible for those services.

    there is no guidance counselor this year lol. she left and they decided in their infinite wisdom that one isnt' needed. ok, so apparentley difficult child will be mtg. with-school therapist.

    said i'd like a mtg. prior to first day of school, ability to do multiple walk thru's with her locker, rms etc. their answer we only have on available day to do walk thru's. so the elementary school promised on verbal we could do walk thru's for 2 weeks prior to first day if we needed to. NOT TRUE.

    woman on phone pacified me, talked to me like i was just a nutty parent. although on phone i do handle myself calmly and well.

    i can tell it's going to be another year of craziness. ppl just dont' get it, dont' get her, what she struggles with. it was almost as if when i called they had me redflagged as the parent who will give the school a hard time.
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    I feel your pain. Our middle school is AWFUL!! It is a really nice building and on the ritzy side of town, but my kids had terrible experiences there. The first year of middle school is where the teacher pushed Wiz over the edge. Jess is very well developed for a young lady and was when she started middle school. I had to pull her out for several reasons - including being told that the teachers could do NOTHING about the boys who groped her in the hall - even though she knew their names!!! They also refused to do any accommodations for her epilepsy, including insisting that she climb the rope in gym class. Can you IMAGINE having an absence seizure if you are 15-20+ feet of the ground? She is bad enough about falling when her feet are on the ground!!!

    You really NEED to find an advocate to help with this koi. Contact the state board of ed and/or NAMI or CABF to find one. They are usually free of charge.
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    I'm sorry they won't do the walk through. It was essential for our difficult child. As a teacher I would go out of my way to meet and show her around. Did you try one of the teachers and not just the office?