Spring break update... Pay back time!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ksm, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. ksm

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    Well, since difficult child didn't like our idea of family night, playing games, etc... she wanted to "hang out" with her friends at the indoor pool/outdoor hot tub area. So... We are going to the pool and hang out with with them!!! Pay back is heck. husband is telling them he is going to be in the hot tub all night... He is walking around with his swim shorts kind of sagging like the young guys. Not a pretty sight for a 68 year old... but at least not indecently low!

    Her idea of the evening was to hang out at the pool (by herself - as little sis didn't want to go at first) then stay til 11pm and then walk back to the condo by herself (a good two blocks away by the time you wind around all the condo units)

    I bet she will really be ready to go back to the condo early!! KSM
  2. AppleCori

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    Yes!!!!!!! I love that idea!

    Have a good time!
  3. StressedM0mma

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    Oh!! I love it!! Have a wonderful time soaking in the hot tub. I bet difficult child becomes tired and ready to go early tonight.
  4. ksm

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    So much fun... I am sitting in the empty indoor pool area and husband and our girls and other peoples kids are in the hot tub. A young guy came thru the pool room and hesitated to make a mad dash to the outdoot hot tub... and we started chatting. Later one of the girls came back inside and asked me why I had talked to "their friend". Actually he was a pleasant young guy and seemed to enjoy the conversation. Yup. One fun night. husband is the type who can talk to anyone, so I bet all the kids are talking to him and not the girls. I am LOVING it! KSM
  5. buddy

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    Evil Geniuses!
  6. Liahona

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    Oh the power of adult supervision it just saps the fun out of teenagers. ;)
  7. InsaneCdn

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    But it's worse... way worse... if you can have fun doing it!
  8. Bunny

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    I love that idea!!!
  9. StressedM0mma

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    WellKSM, did the evening end early last night? Or did she stick out with husband hanging in the hot tub with the kiddos? The only thing that would have made this even better was if he was wearing a speedo.
  10. ksm

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    Unfortunately, she would have stayed later. But at 10pm, we called it a night. husband said there was one obnoxious teen boy in the hot tub... and unfortunately, a male adult that laughed at all his jokes and egged him on. We told the girls they could either swim or use the sauna, but they were done with the hot tub. easy child decided to come back to the condo, so I took her, and husband stayed in the pool area with difficult child. Then I drove back and picked them up at 10pm. Unfortunately, this is the first year that there have been several teen boys in the pool area.

    difficult child is so gullible, her new "friend" is a guy who is 17 and he was telling her he got $1500 every two months for his allowance, and he made $500 a weekend doing DJ jobs for dances. Oh, and he has his own condo, and pointed out his own sports car. She bought it hook line and sinker. I asked if he was going to the theme park this weekend... "Oh, he really wants me to take him with me to the theme park... but he doesn't have any money!"

    Ha... Ha... I tried to point out that he could point to any car... he probably has his own condo like difficult child and easy child do... it is attached to his parents condo. And if his parents could afford all that, I am sure they could spring for theme park admission and a condo in a more exclusive area! She still believes him. sigh.... KSM
  11. AppleCori

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    Guys NEVER lie to impress girls. NEVER.

    Because, well, why would they? What could they possibly want from a young, gullible teenage girl?

    Apparently, mom, you know nothing about the ways of the world!

  12. ksm

    ksm Well-Known Member

    Oh, it gets even better... the charming teen boy with all the money is here with his family. A couple who had 7 kids of their own and then adopted him and 6 more from foster care. I bet his "$1500 every other month" is actually their adoption subsidy just for him. LOL. There is always a way to put a spin on things.

    I just wish one of the "parents" would come to the pool and supervise their kids!! KSM
  13. buddy

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    Good Grief Charlie Brown!