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    I just wanted to let you know that your pet buddy idea has been helping both of my girls a lot! difficult child 2 actually loves her little "Smoothy" a tiny kitty, we all have different animals that form a family even g'ma and g'pa. When husband leaves for a trip, he will send little video clips on his phone to the girls of "Bart" the bear... they love it!!! I have "Cocoa" the chocolate lab and difficult child 1 has "Emi" the hummingbird.
    They are tiny little finger puppets that are very soft also. Fit in the pocket. They all sleep by the bed or in the bed...

    Thanks for the idea. It has helped a bit with some anxiety.
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    Yahooo!!!! You don't know how I love to get good news on this board. :smile: I love the video clips. Something about the stuffed pet made a stronger tangible connection than anything else I tried.

    By way of encouragement I have to tell you that my boy who at various times struggled being out of my sight, who could barely walk through the doors of school, and who at one point was so bad he could barely leave the house, has left left much of his anxiety behind. He won the school spelling bee--stood up in front of the school as confident as if he owned the place and spelled like a champ! He's turned 11 and we've recently started leaving him alone for short periods like we would any other preteen of his age. And he's started to spread his wings in ways such as riding around the neighborhood with friends on their bikes. I won't say it's not been hard to let him go off but this is exactly what I've labored towards for so long. I know we're not home free and there's still a long road ahead but my difficult child has exceeded my wildest imagination in terms of progress.

    Here's hoping one success over anxiety opens the doors to another!