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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by DDD, Mar 13, 2010.

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    As you all know GFGmom has been "in charge" of difficult child's SSD process. Let's not rehash her
    selfserving methods! :ashamed: I know very little about the process but yesterday difficult child called me
    and began to read a letter he received from SS. According to what he read to me his monthly payment as of April is $674 and he is docked $138 for SSDI. That leaves $536 net for his living expenses. Does that sound right?

    I didn't realize that his insurance costs would be that high. Also I'm not sure if that is based on him living "at home with Mom" and will be increased if he moves out. I figure you guys
    will know.....oh intelligent CDers. ;) DDD
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    OK....difficult child cannot be getting SSDI unless one of his parents is getting SSDI, he has to be getting SSI. If he is getting docked, then it is either for living in his parents home because of their income or its for paying back an overpayment of some sort but that wouldnt be that high because they only take 10% of the check. So I am assuming it is for living with mom. On SSI, they dont charge for insurance and if he was on SSDI, it would only be 98 dollars.
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    So, if I get the gist right, once he moves out of GFGmoms house
    the insurance premium is likely to disappear? Whew!

    I'd give an update on "the plan" but :anxious: it is Sunday and I think it's suppose to be a day of peace, lol. Thanks, Janet. DDD
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    Ok...I will try to explain this in English because acronyms are hard to get straight when dealing with Social Security.

    Social Security has a variety of benefits that are available such as regular retirement, widowers benefits, Social Security Disability Insurance(Regular Disability), and then there is Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

    SSI is Social Security income for people or kids who have never worked enough time to get regular disability. It is basically a federal welfare program. About the mid-90's the federal government attached Medicaid to SSI so that all people who receive SSI also receive medicaid automatically.

    Your grandson would receive this SSI because he has obviously never worked and he doesnt have a parent on regular disability. There are special rules for people who are disabled prior to age 22 who have a parent on disability but since that doesnt apply to him I will spare you that.

    Because he receives SSI, he would not have any insurance taken out of his check but they do sometimes do what they call deem a parents income for the childs check so that could be lowering his check amount. What deeming means is that they count his moms income, take some calculations only known to them, pick a number on some form...and voila...there is his check amount. I have no idea what their method is. Never seen it.