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    I wasn't sure what to expect since I've never had to go through this before. mother in law told me to go well prepared because they would try to trip me up to catch any "lies" ~ lol. I really had to laugh about that because I don't lie (as a general rule) since I have nothing to hide.

    Two hours going through general information and previous dr's ~ my head hurt afterwards. Some of the questions weren't straight yes and no answers. I found myself answering "sometimes" a lot and asking the interviewer for more information because things can be interpreted differently.

    He's still shadowing 90% of the time. He has spent some time outside with-o me right there and things have seemed to go ok.

    His left ear started draining again on Sunday. I plan to call and let the dr's office know it's draining, but trying to help dry it up with- nose spray for his allergies.
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    So, how long does it take before you know?
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    I've done this.
    Bring every single diagnosis you have ever gotten. Send names of all doctors from way back. It's not easy to get it, so be prepared. Good luck.
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    The interviewer told me 3 - 4 months for a decision.

    I had filled out the report online a week ago and had my interview yesterday. I wasn't sure what all they wanted and put everything that dealt with- his ear infections, mild hearing loss from scarring, allergies, to his mental/behavioral issues. So the dr's included went all the way back to when he was 4 months old.

    Basically, I didn't see this as a "trick to find lies". This was a make sure we have the contact info for all the dr's and what he's seen the dr's for.
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    That's good that you gave them everything. I got disability and it took me about four months too. I got approved the first time, which is very unusual, but I had bipolar on my report. I was told "bipolar" almost always gets disability. You need to have a long history (which you have) and lots of documentation. I really hope you can get this for your son. Good luck!
  6. good luck! I had our interview back the middle of April. Still keeping my fingers crossed! Everyone has told me (at psychiatric hospital) that he definitely qualifies from what they have seen before - but there is always a chance we would have to appeal.
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    Thanks for the luck!

    I feel the thing that "could" hold us back is the psychiatric evaluation he had in Oct in which the intern stated in her report that it was either very well medically controlled ADHD or she didn't see any symptoms at all and then it was her recommendation we take him off all medications. :surprise: She saw him once for an hour and expects to make this assumption? I also stated in the SSI report that it takes much more than one visit every 6 weeks to see the behaviors (the therapist sees him twice a week and broke the barrier at 2 months hence I'm glad to have him in my corner because he has witnessed and even had to restrain him twice).
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    I would be very careful to avoid statements like "Sometimes". Their job is to keep people out of the system who don't belong there. "Sometimes" to them often means "with controls it can be done". I have muscular dystropy, and was turned down the first time I applied because I said I could sit for 3 - 4 hours. Well, if you can sit for three or four hours, you can work at a desk, right? No, I can sit in my recliner with pillows for propping and my feet up for three or four hours. Not sit in a chair for three or four hours answering phones, filing, copying, and typing. Anyone who wants to pay me to sit in their recliner and read, watch tv, and doodle around on a laptop while I pile papers and junk all around me should give me a call!
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    Best of luck.
    Good point, Witzend.
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    Wished I would have known that (about sometimes statements). They were asking questions like, "Can your child write a simple sentence?, Can your child write a 6 - 7 sentence paragraph?, Does your child interact appropriately with peers or adults?"

    So my answer was "sometimes" on the simple sentece and "no" on the paragraph and "no" on appropriate interaction. I made it clear everytime I said "sometimes" that it really depended on the situation (new group vs family which carries the comfortability factor, writing a paragraph is excrutiatingly hard for him regardless of topic and generally requires help from teacher or us).