SSI electronic payments for difficult child age 19

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by compassion, Jan 29, 2013.

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    difficult child got letter that her SSI_D payments have to be made electronically in the next 30 days. I was the payee until Sept., she got a p-doctor to write the letter. I set up a bank account to have them sent electronically in a place that is now several hours from her. She will not be able to get a bank account due to documented fraud attempts with BOA and all banks use checkmate which see this.
    She cannot handle her own finances, she goes through the money in less than 10 days. There is bank card option.
    I would prefer it go into the account I set up. It can't really go in our account as she cannot have access to our money.
    Any ideas?
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    You set up a separate account with you as Representative Payee. easy child/difficult child's name is also on the account but I am the only one who can authorize drafts. He does not have a bank card for the account. I write checks as needed on his behalf. It's a PIA but the only way to protect impulsive spending. Hugs DDD
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    I know that is what I did before but I am no longer her payee as of Sept. I even sent an appeal to SS ,they never responded and in a way it was nice not being the heavy. I have an account like that for her. We have not talked to her about it but I suspect she would never allow that.
    Are you saying I can still have representative account even if I am not her payee? It was set up FBO (for the benefit of)
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    Lordy...I am no expert. Just from my limited experience I know that checks will no longer be mails, the recipient can get a bank card to have ready access to "their" funds. Yeah, RIGHT! SS required that easy child/difficult child have a Representative Payee and, of course, I was the logical one to be named. He received a lump sum settlement for past due monies. That is what is paying for his new home this month unless SS messes it up. Once that money is gone for the house he will be receiving about $700 a month. He (on his own, sigh) set up auto withdrawal from that sum for his insurance payment and his car payment. I don't mind getting off his account but I don't want him to have a card because I know how that will work. I think our circumstances are a bit different so what "might" work for me "may not" work for you. I, personally, HATE how difficult child carryover goes on forever. I wish you good luck. Hugs DDD
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    Thanks. I called the bank and I still would be the one handling the money as it is in my name. I talked to her,and as I thought, she will not allow that. She is going to put it on a debit card. Luckily they do not allow purchases of more than the amount. It is a process. It is acceptance. It just brought up some of the frustations and realities of parenting in this situaion!
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    I am not sure what your state's laws are, but in my state you can have an UTMA (uniform transfers to minors act) account in your child's name that they cannot withdraw from until they are 21. The age varies among states. So the account is in her name, the deposits are in her name, it reports interest payments under HER ss# but only you can make withdrawals and they must be for her benefit.

    We had put difficult child's childhood savings acct in a cd that was an UTMA and he was not able to withdraw it with-out my signature. He tried and then he tried to force me to do- nicely and then not so nicely- it and give him the money. I finally did cash it and reimbursed myself for his college expenses so that I could keep the money out of his hands.

    If your states UTMA age is younger, you may be able to open an account in another state that goes to 21...