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    My child is 19 and we are applying for SSI a little late. We are in appeal due to denial of claim stating that while his DXs are confirmed they feel he can work at this time...they did not pull info from the vocational rehab reports saying he is in no way ready for a work setting at this time and they will not even start a work training program with him. He will be attending a specialized school in the fall to help him with work, social and life skills as well as a summer camp starting next week.

    I ran into a question tonight that I have no idea how to work with. I had always been told by other parents to list that he pays rent to parents if they live at home...increase of benefits and such. However, with the house insurance we are not allowed to have a "renter" or charge any kind of rent. Soooo I guess we just put down that he contributes to bills if he ends up getting approved after the appeal?

    Thanks in advance - learning a lot LOL

    me - old enough LOL - Anxiety - non disabiling
    19 - Aspergers, Mood disorder, ADHD, depression, anxiety - denied - in appeal
    15 - Aspergers, Severe Mood disorder, total learning disabilities, anxiety, dyslexia, color blind, basically funky eyes LOL. - in application process...looks like he will be approved for SSI

    boyfriend - Disabled vet - PTSD, Severe anxiety, depression and potential bi-polar
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    Maybe call it "room and board" instead of rent.
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    I"d put it down as utilities contribution. But I would also double check with insurance to see if that renters exclusion also means family members. From an insurance standpoint, they don't want you having a renter, because the assumption is that it's a non family member, and would be a liability. A family member would be less likely to sue you, and in some cases would be UNABLE to sue you, so they may be excluded from "renters" Worth a phone call to check.
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    i just went through it....its called "fair share" and it was a colossal PITA. even though ssi has nothing to do with me, i had to provide household documention down to my last square of toilet paper--they acually wanted a breakout of my mortgage so they could know what his fourth of the hazard ins was. (i kid you not--nor, off the top of my head, would i have the vaguest idea--my payment is auto deducted, and even my paper statement doesnt break out payment, interest, insurance, taxes, etc)

    i cant remotely explain the process since i really thought he didnt have enough SSI to meet his portion, but we did get approved for the higher amount so it was worth it in the end.

    oh, also, i couldnt do any of it when he first applied because he had no income, therefore couldnt pay rent. it was only after he was approved for the minimum amount that i could go back and state his living expenses changed--makes sense, but added to the PITA factor.

    you can however do most of it over the phone and send the supporting documentation to the office if that helps--i suggest when the tell you to send in the copies of bills you actually do so, lol--i conveniently sort of "forgot" and it created a mispayment with an overage (go figure, once the paper was in their hand, it was a HIGHER rate--but because they went on my oral reporting at first there was still somehow an overage--i still dont quite get their calculation, but i'm not rocking THAT boat!)

    but google "fair share" and ssi and you should get a better explanation.