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Hey my son just started getting ssi. He has his first back pay and i need to know what to do with it. I cashed it at a walmart money center. He also got his first check today and i signed up for a direct express card today as well that we will soon get. I need to know what is every ones experience with this. How do i spend the back pay. Its not in a bank account. I just cashed it. I have been saving reciepts. But they never stated in the award letter to put it in a specific account. They said he is supposed to get his checks electronically so i signed up for the direct express. I dont like doing anythi g with my bank because everyone checks it. I just want to follow the rules and not get in trouble. Please help.


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My daughter receives SSDI, because of her dad's disability (not my current hubby) and they recommended that I put the money in an interest-bearing account, CD, or something that draws interest.

Try a credit union. I have one for the SSDI, in both mine and my daughter's name that draws interest on the checking (2 1/4 % I think). That way there is a record of expenditures, and it's easy to fill out the yearly forms.

I can't say enough about credit unions. I use them for all my banking. Mine only needs a direct deposit, I get interest, must use the card twelve times per month, even reimburses for any ATM charges from any machine (though I rarely use ATMs).

The money can be used for your child's direct expenses, so all clothing, personal needs, activities, even a portion can go toward food and housing/utilities, I believe (though I don't use it for those things).

The more you can save of it, the better, to be used for his future needs.

Hopefully, someone will come along with direct SSI experience, but I wanted to throw my experience out there, too.



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My son has gotten social security since high school gradiation.I am his payee. Nobody has ever asked me for proof of anything. Ever. With his social security plus job money we take money and cashiers checks out for his rent, weekly food and entertainment, internet and his cell phone bill and electricity. But we have never saved receipts and if he wants any extra money he usually has enough for us to take it out and give it to him. His money is in a savings account with me as payee.

Once a year we get a go we have to fill out a form to tell if anything changed. We mail it.back. We see his case manager sometimes and how the money is spent never comes up.

Just my experience.
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You should open an account at a bank or a credit union. This is a special account, called a Social Security Trustee account. I'm assuming he is under 18. If not, you can go to Social Security and have yourself named trustee (he may have to sign off on this.)