SSI & Section 8 & Mobile Homes

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    Does anyone know if a person on SSI with a Section 8 voucher can use that to pay a mortgage on a Mobile Home? Based on a 3-year mortgage, Kanga would have enough between her SSI and Section 8 voucher to cover the mortgage (it's only about $50 more than rent on an apartment).

    And can she own the mobile home or will it disqualify her from SSI?

    Logically, it would make more sense for the govt to let her do this because then the govt 'share' of her rent would drop from $400 to $120 after the 3 years. For a child who is likely going to stay on the dole for her lifetime...let's say 60 years, the savings to the taxpayer would be $191,520. But who ever said that the govt was logical...
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    Not sure about Section 8 - but I know that the USDA Government-Subsidized Mortgage Program (for those with extremely low incomes) requires an actual house or a brand-new mobile home.
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    Wow DF...I didnt know that about them having a subsidized housing mortgage!

    Interesting. Will have to look into that.

    I do know that owning your own home will not block her from having SSI. She is allowed to own her own home and a! She isnt allowed to own rental property. This stuff is all called resources. You are allowed to live. You have to do that somewhere.
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    Thanks. I'm doing alot more research on this Residential Treatment Center (RTC)/TLP and its community before we move Kanga. They have 4 mobile home parks in the town and some of the trailers sell for $15K-ish. I think it'd be best if we could get Kanga settled in somewhere near there as an adult and, based on my experience with our mental health system, we will need to be the ones that push and push for her to get a place.
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    Yes - Google USDA Mortgage Program. Totally income-based. Extremely low interest rates PLUS government assistance making the payments...
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    A section 8 voucher means the voucher holder has interviewed with the housing authority and they have determined what amount that holder can afford to pay in rent. The voucher (a dollar amount) is then given to the holder to find a landlord that accepts Section 8 vouchers. The housing authority pays, directly to the landlord the difference between the rent and the amount the holder is able to pay. A mod-rehab Section 8 voucher stays with one particular property whereas a regular Section 8 voucher is transferable from property to property as long as the landlord accepts Section 8.

    We have a number of houses and apartments where we accept Section 8 and others we don't accept the vouchers for. Many of our Section 8 tenants are hard working single moms trying to provide a better life. They don't want to live in government subsidized housing, they work (usually fairly low paying jobs), but many are also going to school. Section 8 was intended as a temporary "leg up".

    Her best bet would be to try and get a USDA subsidized mortgage (although I think the trailer would have to be new). I'm sure she would qualify since it's for those with pretty low income.
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    Just as a side note this is exactly what we did with Matt. The mobile home was 10K, fenced yard, 2 bedroom. Not nice or anything - but it is a place to live. He lived in an apt for 3 months before that and it was a total disaster, he just would not follow the rules. He was loud, rude to his downstairs neighbors, etc. This mobile home idea was the best thing that I have ever done. I also made sure he lived over 10 miles from me, and he doesn't have a car, so there are not any late night meltdowns on my doorstep. The mobile also allowed Matt to have his dogs, which are his world, his babies. Having them back in his life has changed him a lot.
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    Thanks all. I still haven't heard from the new Residential Treatment Center (RTC) so I don't know if/when they will accept her but I've done a lot of research on the county it is in and I'm pretty confident it will be a good place for Kanga to settle down.