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    What is the procedure for applying for this for your kids if needed. I have been told by my boys counselors that I should apply for it due to there behavior issues and there diagnosis's.

    It may sound weird but I guess I was in denial because to me...they werent taht

    although i couldnt get babysitters and they had been kicked out of a few daycares when younger and even now i worry each morning when my phone rings that it is the school...again...telling me i need to pick them up. (oh wait...that was this morning.LoL)

    and i have to make sure my job fits into there school schedule cause i dont have a sitter for them. there grama also is in the home as I take care of her as well but she can only handle them for short times. They can be real good at times but when they are not...believe me it seems they go all out to show them horns under the halos!!!

    what all do I need to apply?
    any info is appreciated!!!
    Thank You.