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    husband no longer qualifies for SSDI, he does not have enough work credits anymore. He has not worked in 4 or 5 years. Our income is such that he would qualify for SSI.

    If someone gets SSI, how does it work? Do you have to requalify like with food stamps? How long is the certification period, if that is the case. Do you get more for having dependent children?
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    I'm trying to get SSI for the kids - God knows I need the help! I've found the Social Security website to be really helpful in their frequently asked questions section.

    Here's the website:

    There's a lot that you can apply for right on-line.

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    the certification period can depend on what the disability is...but it can be the same way with SSDI too.

    I get SSDI. With SSI you do not get more for dependent kids...wish you did. Cory gets SSI but Keyana doesnt get a check. I would still file for it though because if they find that your husband was disabled back to when he was eligible for SSDI, then the kids would get a check.

    It is entirely possible that they may find that he has been disabled for years. I was finally approved in 07 but we claimed my disability onset date of 01 when I had to leave my job. We settled with SSA for a onset date of 03.