Staff at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) broke his finger

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    And I can't even be upset about it. husband called to tell me it happened and I went yes and rolled back over on the bed. I don't mean to be callous about it but it happened during a restraint and truthfully with as many as he ends up in I am surprised something hasn't happened before. He has been doing a lot of attention seeking behaviour. He also wants to change placement. (His sister difficult child 1 switched a few times) He wants that privaledge (that is how he looks at it.) So how do I know that the finger break happened in the restraint. How do I know he didn't do it to himself?

    In the last couple of months he somehow smuggled razors into his room, tried to stab staff with the plastic spreader in a cheese and cracker pack (I tried to picture that one), swallowed glass, swallowed a screw, swallowed rubber off the bottom of his shoe, peeled the tiles off his floor, run away (he went straight to the police station)from the facility etc, etc. :rolleyes:

    How am I supposed to get worked up about a broken finger. I was proud of husband though. When difficult child 2 got on the phone after staff had told him about it and difficult child 2 was whining about it he told him if he had behaved and not needed the restraint then it wouldn't have happened would it. (For husband that is totalling ground breaking as he tends to baby difficult child 2 even with all of the behaviors). :warrior:

    I have a feeling that if he does leave this facility he will just go to a detention center.

    As annoyed as I am with the situation with difficult child 1 this situation has me numb. :crazy2:

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    I can't even imagine having to hear of consistent violence, it
    must make you numb after awhile. So sorry. DDD
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    How do you feel about this center and their safety? Have they always followed legal procedures in every restraint, and had all of the proper legal training required to restrain a child?
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    They are a good facility. I know my difficult child that is there is a handful. They are very good about following all guidelines even the ones we set. All the required ones etc. A while back I might have blamed the facility but I know difficult child. He kicked the crap out of me once while I had him restrained (the way I was told how when he did certain things to prevent harm to come to himself or others). That was 3 years ago. He is much bigger and I have seen how he has had to be restrained because he gets so violent and tries to hurt everyone. The staff is always forthcoming with information and they are cooperating fully in the mandatory inquiry because a resident was hurt. I put the accountability on difficult child as he is so out of control. He is so physically violent and sexually violent that I really don't know what will happen. I think I am protecting myself by staying numb about it because I keep asking what will he do next.

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    I understand totally.....I just wanted to make sure because my son was seriously hurt in a restraining accident where the legal protocol was not followed, so now I am bit paranoid.

    I become numb whenever the stress gets too high as well, and I have decided that it is the best coping mechanism god has ever invented. It is just what we do, when the stress is too much, our mind just shuts down because it cannot deal with it any longer.

    Take care, and hang in there. I am so sorry you are going through this.