Staff found Kanga!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Apr 6, 2012.

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    I don't know any of the details but staff has her and are transporting her back to the home right now. Once they have her settled, they will call me but they sent a text that they have her!!
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    I'm so glad to hear it.
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    At least she's safe.
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    Whew times two!
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    Thank goodness!
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    What a relief! So glad she's been found!
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    Thank heavens!
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    You know - Residential Treatment Center (RTC) deserves big kudos. I think their efforts at bringing her back are pretty unique when you talk about kids her age.

    Glad she's on her way back, and hope she's okay.
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    Thank goodness!
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    Glad they found her !!
  13. I'm new here and I don't know her whole story but I did read your previous post and wanted to say "Yeah! I'm glad they found her." You must be very relieved.
  14. JJJ

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    She's blaming the run on the staff that issued the consequence for breaking the house rules. Staff is not pushing her right now. They focused on getting back to the home without her jumping from the van, then a shower and food. Then they were going to assess her state of mind and when they think she is calm enough, they are going to try and process everything with her. They say that she knows the punishment (she was whining about it on the way home) and she did share some of the unsafe behaviors that she engaged in with the Strange Adult Man.

    Seriously, how do you knock boots with a complete stranger and then borrow his phone to call ex-boyfriend so you could go to his house. The eeewww factor is off the charts.

    She will not be allowed to call us this weekend as they want to totally focus her on reengaging the program.
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    I agree with you a million percent on that one. I wish she really, really saw what she is doing to herself!

    Probably best for all, anyway... YOU ESPECIALLY! Go have a drink, dear, or something. And RELAX a little.
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    Big sigh of relief here - glad she's safe despite the ewwww factor.
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    I am glad she is safe, and I understand your confusion over how someone could do that. Will anything happen to this man? Or is this a state where at her age it is not considered statutory rape ? I know some states have lower ages than others. Either way, I hope the strange adult man can realize how much he helped her hurt herself when he agreed to "knock boots" with her. At some point I hope that they give kanga tests for hiv and hepatitis because those can be transmitted from just about anyone. in my opinion that should be part of her consequences.
  18. JJJ

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    She is at the age of consent in our state. He could probably be charged with interfering with custody or contributing to the delinquency of a minor but since it was such a short period of time, I doubt anything will come from it.

    I had her tested for STDs last year, I asked them to do it this time but this is the "nurse" that is so incompetent so who knows if she'll even bother seeing Kanga before next week.
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    So glad they found her. (((hugs))) going out to you tonight. I know you will sleep better tonight.
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    I am glad that you know a bit more but I was going to say I would assume she is of age to consent to anything now. Its obvious she is willing. The bad part is she is going to put herself in situations where while she may be willing in certain situations, in others, she might not be. Trust me, I know. Just because you are willing to go look for a dozen willing partners doesnt mean that the wrong person isnt going to come looking for you. Sigh. I hope they can get that through to her somehow. Of course no one could get it through to me until it was too late either.