Staples Deal Sun-Wed ONLY

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Aug 15, 2011.

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    This week Staples is offering loose leaf paper (filler paper) for $0.01, yes, ONE CENT with a $5 purchase. The limit is 5 while supplies last. Here you don't have to buy $5 for each pack, just a total of $5 to get the 5 packs of filler paper for a penny each.

    They have some other really good deals like Pilot friXion yellow highlighters - 3pack for $4.99 but you get $4.99 back in Staples Rewards so basically free. They have the best scotch tape price in our area - 50 cents for the new shaped dispenser (not the old classic shape) that is much easier for thank you to use, and glue sticks in a 3pk for 50 cents. So it might be worth going to check this out.

    If new backpacks are needed, they have them 25%-50% off and here they have Jansport which have lifetime warranties. Jansport is awesome about replacing them no matter how old they are. I had the one I got way back in college with me when the Jansport rep was at another store that I was at. She saw how ratty it was and insisted on replacing it even though it was 15 yrs old. That is what we are getting thank you this year now that he is only 1 inch smaller than I am.

    For little ones, consider backpacks from Lands End, LL Bean or Children's Place (in the mall). LE and LLB will replace them forever and the Children's Place ones just do NOT wear out. thank you had the same one for three or four years and it still looks good. It is just too small for school now so he uses it for overnights. When he was in pre-k I got a Land's End backpack for $10 off ebay and it lasted for six years that I know of - gave it to a friend of his with a little brother and it was still looking good at the end of last year. - and it was 2 yrs old when we got it. That is without replacing and always being used by little rough and tumble boys!
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    Ohhhhh. I was wondering what the limit was. Awesome. And it's not hard to hit that 5.00 requirement at all.

    We're making a trip to aldi's this week so will probably stop by staples on wed.