Star- have you been

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. klmno

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    to a doctor lately? I was just wondering because Ive been reading responses to other threads and I'm a little worried about you. I do hope you take care of yourself and discuss these voices that you hear with a professional. Otherwise, we might have to call in investigators to the board, and that could get way too many of us in trouble. :laughing:

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    the voices are telling her not to answer....

  3. Shari

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    You're just NOW starting to worry??? ROFL
  4. Star*

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    Klmno -

    Thanks for the post. Today has been a little tough so it was nice to come here and see that I was thought about. Thank you! As far as going to the dr?

    I am too heavy for health insurance -

    I'm 5'8 1/2" and 214 lbs. If I did get it - I can't afford it. I don't qualify for the free clinic and they are only open when I need to be at work as I've taken so many days off for Dudes stuff - I am teetering (in my own mind) - So my next line of thinking is sliding scale fee places that can see me on Saturday and there are none I've found yet.

    I'm sticking with the healthy lifestyle change. At least I'm not getting bigger. :tongue:

    What voices? (sock puppet whispers to me). :puppet:
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    Of course you are thought about, Star! I didn't realize that you REALLY might need to go to a doctor but were having difficulties with it. I hope you can find a place, somehow. You have had so much to deal with- does the county not have an agency that accepts sliding scale payments?

    by the way, how is Dude doing? When does he find out how things are going to go?

    Hang in there- you have a lot of strength and a great personality and ability to find humor in almost any situation and I love reading your posts!

    I do hope that if you need to see a doctor that you put it at the top of your priority list and find a way to get to one- miss work if you need to, even though I know you don't want to.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    klmno - (laughing - yes I am sick) lol....

    weller than some sicker than others...Know what I mean??

    My former doctor wonders quite a bit about the fact that Dude and my former married life are so violent that the stress over years and years has worn my body out. I believed at one time he had a point. Now I think that point is his head.

    I've done 13 weeks of 12oo calorie dieting/lifestyle change. I've exercised and actually gained weight. It was water weight. So I found an old prescription for lasix, had it filled and now that blobby weight is gone. My feet aren't so puffy I can't get into my shoes any more.

    Currently I have larger issues to deal with - I have a gnat in my office that is begging to die and won't allow himself to be swatted.

    And there we go = brain off in a different direction!

    Hugs - thanks