have been awful quiet

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    How is dude doing? Is he being a good boy?

    I have a call in to Corys doctor to try and get a referral to the ortho because he is going downhill before our very eyes.
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    I've been so busy lately that I hadn't noticed but you're right Janet. Wonder if everything is ok?

    I called Miss Pootiekins and left her a message from her Auntie Stang. I told her to make sure that Mommy checks in either on the board or by calling me. If I get a call back, I'll let you know.

    And what's going on with Cory?
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    Star, I hope everything is all right ...

    And Janet, what's happening with Cory? I hope the problem stabilizes.
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    I think she doesn't have very good computer access on the weekends.
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    Hoping all is okay.
    Thinking of you...
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  7. Star*

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    Hi all - Thanks for asking about Dude...

    Lets see...where to begin..ugh.

    Okay so the boy still has no job. He's been looking. Ops for that.

    He's supposedly going back to school. Couldn't get into high school, but was supposed to register for Adult Ed to finish and get his GED this Spring. Has a friend/bud who is ENCOURAGING him to attend tech college next Fall and he wants to try for it. I am not checking - I am not asking. Nothing. He has not volunteered any information. :sick: detach 101.

    He sold his car. He did a trade for cash and (gulp) a shotgun. Okay here's the moron thing. Boy is a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. (Say this like Mr. Rogers) Can you say Moron? He came in and gave it to his Dad who immediately said "This has been fired recently." Dude said "Well I wasn't going to buy it without firing it, and I didn't lie to you." Well, there's a bright boy. (pats on head) :ashamed: So now we're checking it with SLED (police) and if it's not stolen - we will sell it for him. At least it's the right time of year. If it IS stolen we are turning in the boy who gave it to us. Boy has been warned. We are in possession of shotgun. (Can you say stupid parents?) Removes loafers and hits oneselves over the head, replaces Mr. Rogers loafers and continues with show. :surprise:

    He DID however come spend the night with us, and went to the Charleston Aquarium & Folly Beach with our family all day. He wasn't EMO boy or ugly one time. It's the first vacation we've had as a family in many, many years. He enjoyed the time with his Nannie. I have to say I planned well - took a portable DVD player for him and some movies for the trips, packed a picnic lunch and several snacks. Must be getting smart in my old age. ;) And the girls checking him out at the beach - EEEeeesch.
    Doesn't anyone care that your MOTHER is walking behind you? No? WOW.
    And he just grins...:tongue:

    It seems that he's taken the cops advice and found a better class of friends and is starting to get rid of the "gangsta" image. (gets on knees literally and thanks the higher power) I saw him in Levis for the first time in his life this weekend and have to say - I nearly cried. No butt crack, no belt required. No gigantic earrings. No 14 dog chains, no brightly colored 3/4 shorts matching the socks that matched the Jordans that matched the polo shirt that reeked of Polo cologne or some other scent that you're just sure if he gets within 15 feet of a BBQ grill he's going to incinerate himself. (PKWOOF) sound. No ballcap worn backwards, no gold & diamond vampire grill...just a kid in jeans and a shoes...and they all fit. Handsome.

    So that and his telling us all that he got up at his church - a small church made up of former gang members, bikers, tattooed people, drug addicts, misfits, goths, heavymetals, country folk and sang - Holes in the Floor of heaven. He has a beautiful voice if you can get him to sing. He said they played a tape and he sang. I'm sorry I missed it. But if he's found a place where he's comfortable and listening to someone about something and it means anything that will make him have feelings and respect for one another? I'm all for it and would never cramp his space. If he's found a place he feels he belongs - so be it.

    That's about it - Thanks for asking....and I guess for the first time in a long, long time I am thankful to be the quiet one here in the family. Not that I would ever wish noise in anyone's life....but I'm ready for a little less confetti to fall in our parade. Actually I'm just ready to be IN the parade instead of being the one pushing the trashcan and the pooper scooper. ;)

    Hugs & Love

    And how are YOU?

    Suz....How is Rob doing?

    Janet...How is Cory doing?

    Mstang....How is school going for your fella?

    Katya - Has life settled down any in your life?

    Witz - Things working out with you and L the date maker? - I have a nice computer now. I built one. ;)

    LMS - Hope things are going as good as can be there for you and your world. :redface:
  8. mstang67chic

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    Had a good time AND dressed in real clothes?????


    I have GOT to see a picture of this boy! LOL And you know....the whole shotgun part? Kind of scares me to say this but I can kind of understand his possible reasoning on this. Yes, convicted felon not allowed to have a gun but....he brought it to you kind of immdediately AND he knows you can sell it for him and get more money. Maybe not the brightest idea in the world but he didn't keep it.

    You mean when he's not skipping to lose his virginity??? Ugh. "I'll graduate Mom, don't worry" but in the next breath declares that he isn't going to his Friday school that he got from skipping. All I know is that if he drops out...he's moving out. He will have no insurance, no job and I am NOT letting him live here unmedicated.