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    I just noticed your new avatar. Twin baby donkeys. How adorable and delightful.
    Are they play mates for Basil and Paulina?


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    I googled TWIN BABY DONKEYS and that's what came up. lol

    I figured we should get Basil and Paulina started on baby donkeys right away!!! Of course I discussed it with the other members and.....:surprise: well I'm not so sure THAT is an option. However - perhaps I can keep them? FOR the babies, of course. ;)

    Okay Trini - SO.......

    Who looks like who???? And fill me in on twins - since they are boy and girl this makes them fraternal or paternal twins? I have no twin savy whatsoever. Paulina has teeeeeeeeny weeeeeeeeny little baby curls - OMG couldn't you just kiss that precious little head. :D But Basil has on a cap. :confused: Does he have teeeeeeeeny weeeeeeeeny little baby curls too? Take off the hat Daddy. lol. I believe Paulina, being a little girl looks like her Mum! I can't tell about Basil - Paulina seems to be that beautiful carmel color - like her Auntie Star...:tongue: ahem. Both are just so beautiful.

    I'm glad I'm not there I would not get ANY work done. I'm leaving in a few minutes to go get a picture frame for my office to put up next to NVTS little love - ALTHOUGH IF SHE READS THIS I HAVE NOT GOTTEN A PICTURE IN AGES...:( (think that will get me a new picture? Maybe a graduation picture?)
    Do you have them in the room with you no....I suppose not if they are in the NICU. And what is that little T plastic thingy with the hole in it for? Okay and you have to tell us what wet lung is - I figured it's probably something to do with being born just a tad under the due date and since lungs are last to develop - they are just like a butterflies wings and not fully blown up or maybe not fully inhaled?

    So.....when are you going home? How about them? Have you been able to hold BOTH at the same time? Does it even seem real yet? Are you back in real clothes? haha (ahem) And is this it? Or do you want more? :tongue:

    If you want more I'm SENDING the donkeys......hahaa. (insert evil laugh)

    Hugs & Love
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    Alrighty Star, here's the scoop...

    They are fraternal twins, in other words, coming from different eggs, fertilized separately. Identical twins start out as a single fertilized egg that spontaneously divides into 2.

    Both babies are a lovely pale caramel colour, with very dark brown hair.
    Paulina has curly locks. Basil's are also curly, but slightly looser curls and his hair is a bit silkier. Boys always get the nice hair and eyelashes, so I can't say I'm surprised.

    Paulina looks like her mummy, even down to the eye colour. I know babies' eye colour can change, but right now her eyes are the same shade of green as mine. Her mouth, hands and feet are all the same shape as mine. Basil looks very much like Little easy child did as a newborn, and he resembles husband. His eyes are blue, like husband's, and I really hope they stay that way, as they're quite an arresting colour.

    I think the little T thingy you're referring to is the doodad they use to clamp the umbilical cord. At the outset, they were each hooked up to a bunch of wires and tubes. Paulina still has the heart monitor, pulse monitor, blood oxygen thingy and feeding tube in, but Basil only has the feeding tube now. They are both out of the isolettes and in the little warming cots now, so they're making good progress.

    Wet lung is a condition when the babies' lungs are full of liquid. Normally, when babies are pushed through the birth canal, the fluid is compressed out of their lungs. Sometimes with preemies, and with babies born by c-section, they don't get the squeezing and their lungs have fluid in them, making it hard to breathe. Since my little ones are both preemie AND c-section babies, they had a bit of a double whammy. The condition is clearing up nicely, and they're no longer fighting for each breath like they were the first day.

    They are in the NICU, so I've been spending a lot of time in there as well. Today I got to feed both of them and give Paulina a bath. She did not like her bath at all (little diva, takes after her mummy), but seemed to feel much better once she was squeaky clean and dressed in fresh clothes. Basil is eating like it's an olympic sport, and starting to fill out very nicely. And yes, I did get to hold both of them together for the first time tonight. husband and I were with them in the NICU, and decided to swap babies for a moment. He gave them both to me while he adjusted their tubes and such. It was lovely to see them with their little heads together.

    I'm not quite sure about the discharge dates. I will likely be sent home tomorrow or Saturday, but they're going to keep the babies in until they are certain that all breathing and feeding issues have been resolved. Possibly another week, maybe a bit longer.

    I am not back in real clothes yet. My belly is still quite distended, but it's shrinking by the day. With the surgical staples and other gunk, I'm actually perfectly happy to be in the maternity clothes which are nice and loose around the middle and don't press on the incision. After I heal, I will be hitting the gym in search of my long-lost waist, but there's plenty of time for that.

    As for kids, I think this is it. At this point, husband and I have 5 children between us, which seems to be the right number for us. Interestingly, difficult child has started talking about getting married and having children sometime soon, something he was never interested in before. I think he's starting to see having children from more of the dad's perspective. He helped put the nursery together, and he's been so soft and gentle with the babies when he came to visit. He really viewed Little easy child as a rival, so it's wonderful to see him with a different attitude this time around. Maybe I'll have some grandbabies to spoil sooner than I ever thought.

    I am so very happy.

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    Trinity, you deserve to be happy, you have performed magic!
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    Trinity -

    I was sitting there last night looking at their pictures again and thinking - just how cool is this? They really are beautiful. But then again, so is their Mummy! Green eyes for Paulina and Blue for Basil. Oh my. I'm afraid I'm a sap for blue eyed boys and green eyed girls just seem so mysterious to me.

    It's nice to see that difficult child is pitching in so much. Maybe something about being "THE" older brother with emphasis on the word THE? Dude seems to revel in the fact that when the fosters introduce him they don't say he's the foster kid, but say he's not the foster kid but he's THE foster kid - it sticks. Just passing on the tip. ;) The fact that he was helping with the nursery and all? Amazing. Since your lovies were born on the same day as Dude it will be de je vu for for me to see their milestones. I remember Dude's first Halloween - My Mom sent me a Pumpkin smiley face diaper cover - we took him to a few neighbors as "Pumpkin butt" and he was such a sweetheart. He still is. (somedays) Ya know what I just figured out - When your babies are DUdes age Dude will be 40 and I will be 60......gotta go - need to get tissue......oh dear. :anxious:

    Hug the snugglies for me and hug yourself too - you are in our continued prayers...
    Star....oh really Star why did you haffta do the age thing so early dummy? ugh.
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    Well.....that's just it......THEY can't get older - lol. :tongue: