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    Just got back from my trip East. Couldn't help but think of you when we drove past the donkey statue painted blue with pretty flowers... or when I was at the airport and saw a book with a donkey on the cover.

    Everytime I see a donkey, I think "oh, Star would love this".... ;)
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    THANKS for thinking of me! It's funny how I think of all of you when I see different things too! I went to a Bojangles restaurant with DF on Sunday and reached into the utensil holder and pulled out a spork and got a chuckle thinking of Deb. I see chickens and think of gcv. I see NASCAR and toddlers in tiaras think of Janet. Doughnuts - Totoros little princess...and just on and on about everyone. It's neat to have such a cool and wonderful bunch of friends that really care about each other.