Started neuropsychologist testing...whew

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Went today to start my testing...boy is it going to be in depth I think. I was there 4 hours today and most of that was getting history! I still have to give her a hard copy of my medical history which I have on my computer (kinda like a parent report but on I didnt think about bringing her that.

    We did do a few tests for the last hour and a half but I started getting tired and she decided to end the testing then and we scheduled me for april 3rd. I will do another 4 hour block that day and then schedule another 4 hour block to finish up...we think, maybe more. Then I will go back to get the results. When I get the results, I will get the hard copy and I can give copies to whomever I wish. They dont send them out. They also give me their ideas about what areas I need help in, what help they think is needed, who can give it...etc. I cant wait. funny thing...first test she mentioned was the MMPI...lmao. Started to do that one today but didnt feel there was enough time.
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    Wow, that's alot you must be exhausted. I'm glad you went though and although it's so time consuming the input will be helpful i'm sure.

    I wanted to share in the MMPI laugh thing, umm under my feet over my head.....i didn't get it??? :)
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    Good for you!! When the guy first told me that they were going to test me, I said "REALLY!?! I can't even get the sd to give neuropsychologist testing to difficult child". Then I found out all they wanted to do on me was the MMPI, no oral interview or history or other tests or communication with other doctors, and then they were planning to give me a diagnosis, treatment plan, and medications based on it. No Go. If they want to do a complete assessment, I'm in. :D

    I'm happy for you!!