Started outpatient again.

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Nancy, Nov 30, 2010.

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    Over the weekend we asked her what was going to be different about this program than her 60 days inpatient and 30 days outpatient. She said she was going into the program this time with a completely different attitude. I told her I would not attend any family days until she proved that.

    So I drove her yesterday morning and wasn't two miles away when she texted me telling me not to go home because they weren't going to let her stay. Seems that she was told to come early yesterday so they could talk to her and she "forgot" so they werent going to let her stay. They finally said they would talk to her on break and she could sit in on group. So this is her new attitude???? She had to work this morning because the schedule was already made out and they couldn't change it. When she called the counselor she was not happy that she was not going to be there today and told her to call back this afternoon. Of course she also "forgot" to tell them yesterday about work today.

    I'm going into this program with absolutley no expectations at all.

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    I'm sorry, Nancy. Sounds like she's saying the right things, but not following thru. I detest addiction.

    What is plan B?
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    Oh Nancy how frustrating!!! Our difficult children sound so similar... guess it is good that they don't know each other!!! I hope this is a blip for her and she will realize that she really needs to do what is required of her or she will be in a tough situation. I read about what you are going through and it makes me more determined to hold the line after our son is out of rehab.... in other words not let him come back to our house to live.. i don't think I can take it.

    Just remember this is her journey and she needs to find her own way. It is not up to you to figure it out for her.
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    Really sorry to hear this, Nancy. It sounds so familiar - you think everything is arranged and then it turns out one's difficult child dropped the ball somewhere. Or
    lied through omission. Kudos to you for standing firm and not investing more time and energy (in terms of family days) until you are shown
    that your daughter is investing in herself. I hope she will make some wise decisions.