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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by llamafarm, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Got out a book, Brooklyn Beer Shop's Beer Making Book. Need I say more? Could be fun to brew my own. Make it a hobby instead of a vice? Do you think making beer makes it less caloric and less inebriating?
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    I think that depends on the amount of 'tasting" required....LOL!

    Have fun!
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    Maybe it will put some more "hops" in your steps, lol. DDD
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    My late husband was a master brewer. Home brewed beer is usually MORE caloric than commercial beers. Alcohol content is determined by measuring specific gravity. Most home brews come out around 5-6% alcohol by volume so are slightly more intoxicating than commercial beers.

    It is possible, by using various techniques such as secondary in-bottle fermentation and double-hopping, to produce considerably stronger beers.

    Lagers, which are top-fermented using special yeasts, tend to be stronger. This goes for commercial lagers as well.

    If you are getting started as a newbie, it is possible to buy "mixes" that have hops, yeast, and malt right in them. You just add water to get started.
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    And here I was expecting another snake-charming thread, lol.