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Well, there has been nothing further going on as far as anyone coming to pick up the thief...ugh...Cory.

More has been going on in his life though and I think he is running full steam into a burnout. He managed to leave in husband's car this morning while I was in the bathroom. I called 911 and reported it stolen but they got my phone number wrong somehow and didnt show up for over 2 hours. I called them back and while on the phone with them, he pulled up in the yard. When I told them he was back with my car, they said...well good, we dont have to come now. Call us again if you need us!

How wonderful!

Then a bit later some man comes over with his younger brother in tow. Seems the younger one is a major difficult child and decided to rob his brothers house to the tune of about 20K in jewelry and guns. Lovely huh? Younger one SOLD Cory a handgun for 50 bucks and Cory in turn pawned it...what a dufus. Man came over to get Cory to go retrieve the gun from the pawn shop. There are still missing guns out there and I have no idea if Cory pawned the other ones for the kid or not. If he did, he is in deep doo doo.

The man didnt file a police report or press charges because it was his younger brother that did it...fool! He did beat the snot out of him however and from what I understand, the kid will continue to get his butt beat regularly...GOOD!

I have written up my statement and will go try and get copies of the checks to turn in to the cops. I also tried one last time to get ahold of the bail people to no avail.

Oh well...Cory just left the house to leave the state to go to work. I dont know where he is going other than someplace in VA...and its not to Jamies. He is going with some construction job. He said something about being back in 3 weeks or so. If that is true he will miss a ton of court dates but I tried to get them to revoke...its on them now.

I think Cory knows the gig is up and he is going to go down hard so he isnt going to make things easy for them. It would suit me just fine if he simply didnt ever come back here again.

This isnt going to end well and he has to know it.


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It's sad when we can't find any sympathy for a young man who truly does has an illness. What a mess Cory is making of his life. Sadly, the only sympathy and empathy I can muster here is for you and your husband.

I hope that his running doesn't mean you lose even more money. I also hope that you come through this an even better and stronger person than you are.
The more I read, the more I think, are you effing kidding me?? It is a farce! Sigh. Big big hugs to you Janet. And Corey remains in my prayers.


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Sorry to hear that Cory is really into punishing himself, over things that will effect him the rest of his life. My difficult child would pull, and still does.

I can remeber feeling the same way as you do about Cory. I used to really beat myself up over it, but not anymore. I still have frequent contact with my difficult child, but he calls me. I listened , dont give any advice, that will only end up dissapointing mysef. It works for us.

They still think they will go out of an issue dont they. I guess that is why they dont sweat the big stuff. Can always run away is their answere, huh?



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Janet - so sorry for this current upset. Perhaps with Cory gone, you will have some peace? I sincerely hope have been thru a lot.


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Big hugs, big hugs. Our difficult child was like this at one point, too-he just didn't care. Have peace in that he's in Va. for a while. Hoping all stays calm.-Alyssa


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I hope that his running doesn't mean you lose even more money. </div></div>

That was my first thought, too. I suspect he's not supposed to leave the county, let alone the state :surprise: .

I'm sorry, Janet.



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I'm also hoping his actions aren't going to cost you more money. :surprise: (my first thought)

I wonder if they'll take into consideration that you did all you could to get his bail revolked??

My, he's been busy. I'm so sorry.



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Janet you are not alone!

You know my Corey is on the run now.

Take this break from the stress and care for yourself.

You are in my thoughts,



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OMG, it just never ends, does it!

So ... if he misses his court dates, will the bail money be forfeited, even though you tried your darndest to get them to pick him back up? Had they done what they were supposed to do instead of just letting it slide AGAIN, he would have been back in jail, not running off to some other state!


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Who knows what will happen with the bail. I am going to go down and sign a paper stating that I want them to revoke...or maybe I will just write a letter and send it certified so that I have proof that they got it. I saw that on Dog the bounty

The money I put down was his SSI check so I dont much care if that is gone. Im more worried about the title to our escort which they had to hold. I dont know for sure that they could actually take the car because it isnt worth much but who knows. I know I didnt sign anything saying they a leinholder.