Starting medications today trial for difficult child

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    Good Morning,

    Going into the 3rd week after difficult child overdose. She has now started a partical hosipitalization program. Today is day 4 it runs for 10 days. They are starting her on conserta today. Form of ritalin.

    Does anyone know how this has affected their difficult child? I just read on the internet that ritalin can cause death. Boy does this leave me warm and fuzz on the inside:mad:. They believe now that she is ADHD & ODD.

    Last night she has a melt down at her softball game. One kid told her to shut the F*** up. Normally she doesnt have that kind of reaction she normally would fight back. she didnt, she just cried and said mom I dont want to play anymore. I'm done. She didnt want the kids to know something was wrong with her. She didnt want to take any medications only becuase if they did help her the kids would wonder why one day she was loud & acting out. and the next day she is calm.

    I told her not to worry the medications might help her and we will find one that does and their is a good chance she wont have to be on it forever. The kids dont have to know just tell them you were getting your period and that is why you were grouchy.

    So this morning is the first day she will be it. The one good thing is since she will be in the PHP program and is their from 9-3:30 its a program run thru the childrens hospital. They will be able to monitor her on the medications.

    any insite will be awsome. Thanks, charmed
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    Hi there.
    To be honest, I'm surprised she is being put on stimulants and why they aren't trying to medicate her for a mood disorder, since she has overdosed (suicide is a big red flag for mood disorders, not so much for ADHD). I have a loooooooooooong history of clinical depression and I tried Ritalin once...just once...and it zapped me into a depression that lasted for over a year. I'd be kind of questioning why a mood stabilizer or antidepressant wasn't tried first. An overdose is nothing to sneeze at and in my opinion, hospitalization or not, I'd be questioning the diagnosis. Sadly, I've been hospitalized three times myself and that is no guarantee of a right diagnosis. I would want to treat the depression way before ADHD. All stimulants made my son, who is on the autism spectrum, mean and aggressive too. I'm not a big stimulant fan based on our bad experiences, especially not as a "first try" medication, although it IS fast in/fast out. The problem with a mood disordered child or adult is, however, although I quit the Ritalin almost right away--the depressive episode that the rebound caused did NOT remit when I stopped the medications. It was there for me to deal with for a very long time, and it was severe.
    I had so many bad experiences with medications both for me and my son that I always preach "caution." I am not anti-medication and I am ON medication, but I do think doctors throw medications at our kids sometimes without thinking "Is this really the right type of medication Am I sure of the diagnosis?" Are you satisfied with the diagnosis? What is the justification for "adjustment disorder?"
    Anyways, all of this is...Just my opinion.
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    Concerta is a great medication for ADHD. However, if your difficult child is anxious and/or depressed (she did overdose), it may not be the right medication. It can exacerbate pre-exisiting anxiety and in time cause depression. Did you ask the psychiatrists why they are so convinced she has ADHD? Have they done any cognitive or psychological testing on her? Hyperactivity, impulsivity and/or inattention can be symptoms of lots of childhood disorders, not just ADHD.

    Keep us posted on how it goes today.
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    I have had lots of experience with Concerta. My daughter was put on Concerta in the 2nd grade for ADHD, stayed on it, on and off until recently, she is now 17. It did help her with her focus and kept her a little calmer, her fuse was longer, however she was incredibly irritable and mean. She had no personality and the smallest thing would set her off. She liked this drug because it kept her nice and thin, but didnt like the fact that it took away her ability to be herself. We still fight about taking to this day, she wants to get back on it to lose weight. Not going to happen. She has so many different diagnosis's and at this point ADHD is not the priority, she does much better on a mood stabilizer. Concerta will effect everyone differently, in my experience, any stimulant we have ever tried has had an adverse affect. During the last few months of her taking it she became very paranoid and anxious, we took her off the Concerta and added an anti-depressant, Lexapro, her paranoia disappeared. Unfortunately it is trial and error in the medication maze and it never seems to end.

    Just wanted to share my experience, like I said before everyone is different though. Hang in there and God bless :)
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    I agree with what others said, stimulents can really cause instability in children with mood disorders.
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    Day one went well. I called PHP and they said she did very well today.

    She still wanted to quit softball. I made her go. I never force my kids to play sports but if they join a team they will finish out the season. And she loved to play. I think because the girls need alot of practice and they lost the last 3 games she is discouraged. this is the asa softball. The JV coach from the high school is helping coach the team one so she can see who is up and coming, and too to help them work on stuff they need to improve on.

    My daughter told her when she asked who will be going into 9th grade she said I will but i'm not playing next year. She said oh yes you are trying out for the team you will be playing i'm going to haunt you. I laughed, I told her difficult child that you are good and she (coach) see's the potential in you. Since her mood go from one to the next she changes her mind.

    She didnt have attuide while at practice. Which to me is progress. she is starting to think before she acts. Which started happening before the first day of medications. So I dont want to jump the gun here. But I will take what I can get and enjoy her when she is calm and fun.

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    I'm glad the first day went well for her. I know how you feel, take the good days and cherish them, for us, they far and few between. She might change her mind about softball, like you said, her mood changes so often, it could happen. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)