Starting Residential Treatment Center (RTC) on Monday

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    CeCe has finally been approved for Residential Treatment Center (RTC), which her psychiatrist has been urging for a long time. She's been in the psychiatric hospital since the 18th - technically 2 admissions. She was discharged on the afternoon of the 25th and we were calling her psychiatrist again before 8pm. Absolutely behavioral. She came hope expecting us to throw a party for her and simply didn't want any limits at all set. When that didn't happen, she started pitching a screaming, furniture shoving fit. psychiatrist talked her down and got her to take her medications to sedate her, then asked us to please wait until midnight so he'd have a new admission to report when he talked to the insurance MD the next day. Apparently that did the trick. (But another long night - my boss is a saint for understanding about this stuff, even if husband does compare him to Lex Luthor)

    We visited the facility today and it seems OK, not that I really know what to expect. They take children, not just teens, which is important to us since CeCe is a little delayed and vulnerable (tho she doesn't know it). They also have an autism day school and residential program on site, so many of the staff have ABA training and are accustomed to kids on the spectrum. I strongly suspect that Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is part of her complicated mix although it's not been diagnosis'd yet.

    Another big plus is that the facility is only 10-15 minutes from husband & my offices, so we'll be able to keep involved more easily. The psychiatric hospital has been way across town (tho I know even that's a luxury compared to what many of you have to go through).

    All in all, I'm hopeful, so long as we can get Medicaid to kick in for her care before insurance refuses to cover. (They said their psychiatrist doesn't discharge based just on insurance say so, which sounds good anyway.) husband is feeling guilty - that our care wasn't enough, that he's feeling relief that she'll be out for awhile. I'm only regretting that I didn't make the serious call for help sooner. And that's water under the bridge, not worth my energy now.

    PJ ... off to reapply on line for Medicaid and find velcro sneakers (size 8)

    p.s. I welcome advice on what to expect and/or watch out for
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    Pajamas I am so happy for you that she is finally getting into Residential Treatment Center (RTC). And, that she will be so close to home. It sounds as if you have an amazing psychiatrist. You are so very lucky. Good luck on finding the shoes. (Is that a requirement of the Residential Treatment Center (RTC)?) I hope that her time there helps her, and that she can come home a more settled girl. Good luck. Prayers.
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    Wonderful news. Yeah, I am sure it is bitter sweet but maybe she will get the help she needs which is denied so many difficult child's. Being closeby also must make the placement feel more comfortable for all of you. Fingers crossed that great benefits come from her stay. Hugs. DDD
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    I do have a great psychiatrist - an HTG child psychiatrist who trained at Harvard and is really dedicated to difficult children. We met him in CeCe's first psychiatric hospital admission 4 years ago and stuck with him. He consults with the community mental health services agency, too, which helps pull everything together. (so far, knock on wood)
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    My difficult child had been home from the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for about 2 weeks. He was there fire about 10 weeks. He is doing well, wr stool have moments but what I have noticed is that the moments do not come as often and do not last as long. I hope you see the same results I your difficult child. I am glad you will be so close to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC), that will make life easier.
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    Lucky you to be able to get her in a place so close. My guy is in one that is a 4 1/2 hr drive for me. Lucky her that she is finally going to get some help. I had the same issue with velcro shoes but although Daniel had a pair that he had been wearing awhile (men's sz) he also took his new ones with laces. What they do where he is at is remove the laces and use one of those plastic ties that you secure cords with and put them where the child can wear them but are able to slip them off and on.If you have issues with the medically needy mediciad go to the top. I emailed the AHCA, Tallahassee and the local area office for Mediciaid before even applying and told them this was a rush because his insurance coverage would run out soon. Then I faxed the whole shebang to the Director of the area office instead of going to the local office. Mama not fooling around. I have had calls and emails from Tallahassee and AHCA as well and explained what is going on. Daniel will be there until the end of May most likely.
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    Thanks, MM. She's had medicaid before since we aren't relatives and she's not adopted, for just this reason, so it may go quickly. If not, I'll take your advice. I know quite a few people in the state human services offices (used to be an IT director in a related agency), so may be good to see who's still working there.
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    so glad you found a place that has a wide range of services. sounds like it could really be a good thing!

    So many shoes right now have no velcro or laces... there are a ton of slip-on sneakers and I have some right now, size 8.5.

    If you can't find them in stores look online.

    HUGS, Buddy
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    I am sending HUGS to you. Wishing your difficult child all the best at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC).