Starting the New Year with a black eye...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by KTMom91, Dec 31, 2009.

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    No, not me, Miss KT. She went over to a friend's today to watch the kids while her friend got ready for the party tonight. Apparently one of little G's favorite games is to leap off the stairs so Daddy can catch him. Miss KT was unaware of the rules of this game, so when little G jumped, she wasn't ready to catch him, and he head-butted her right in the eye, so her glasses dented her face. She has a swollen cheek and the beginnings of a black eye, but refuses to put ice on it. I'm curious to see just how swollen her face will get. Oh, well...

    Wishing everyone a peaceful and pleasant evening!
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    Darn it! You gotta be told the rules on these things!
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    Tell her not to feel bad. My sister got my a new hair dryer for Christmas...the kind that has the retractable cord. The first time I used it, I pushed the button to retract the cord and it flipped in the air like a live wire. It ended up smacking me on the cheekbone, right under my eye, giving me a nice bruise. I'm sure everyone thought husband hit me. I was sure to thank my sister, though, LOL.
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    Something must be in the air...the day difficult child got out of school for winter break, he and husband went out on the ice on our pond. I left work early to get things done for xmas and get a call "Do they put stitches in lips?"

    difficult child fell and put his adult front tooth right into his lip. It was bad, blood everywhere. I decided against stitches. Luckily, it has healed very quickly and nicely. You would never know he did it.

    difficult child is a stitch magnet. He already has a scar across his forehead from running into the coffee table at 2. A scar between the bridge of his nose and eye where he climbed a snow covered wall at 3 (on New Years Day) none the less, and fell off onto a stick. He didn't need more scars on his face!

    He's so prone that at age 6 he fell backwards at school and ended up with stitches behind his ear. The day after we had them removed I was back at the ER getting staples in his head for falling off a scooter at school. Yeesh!

    Uh oh, he's actually playing out in the snow now. TG husband went to check on him. I just don't trust him not to get hurt.