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    The psychiatrist appointment for my daughter went really well today, although I did get a bit of a funny look from her when I walked in with all my notes (of things I learned from this site) and questions I wanted to ask.

    I'd signed a form when my daughter first started going, saying that it was ok for them to video the appointments for review (her psychiatrist is also a teacher for it). When I asked today if she thought there might be anything else along with the ODD, I was told that it didn't appear to be other than mild anxiety. Apparently my daughter is one of the very rare few that has ODD and nothing else along with it. I'm skeptical. She (the psychiatrist) seemed genuinely surprised that I had taken it upon myself to educate myself about ODD, and to alter my parenting so that it will be as beneficial to my daughter as possible.

    My daughter did surprise the psychiatrist and myself with some of the things she was saying and doing while playing with farm animals. It appeared that she was starting to act out some of what had happened to her while at her bio. father's house. That was the first time that my daughter has done that for someone other than myself and husband. Next appointment we will be getting into that with my daughter some more. I got another message from the psychiatrist to "continue protecting your daughter as much as you legally can." (She knows that my daughter's bio. father is attempting to control me through the courts and that there is a pending trial.)

    All in all, though, it was a really good appointment and was very encouraging.
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    Good for you to be "prepared". You are helping your daughter immensely by learning everything you can. I have learned that being completely in the dark (like I usually am at appts.) does not help. The doctor asks, why are you here and I can only answer, my child needs help and I don't know what to do. When I have more concrete info on what is actually happening and questions about why it can or can not be something, I am more open to learning and listening.

    I wasn't sure if "prepared" was a good thing to be called by a professional or not but the more I think about it, the better I feel about taking it as a compliment. It shows that you really are invested in your child's well being.

    I pray you can continue to protect her and that she can continue to open up to start a healing process.
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    The psychiatrist did not mention PTSD from the abuse at all? I would think that at least has to be considered.
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    Go MOM!
    Go Farm Animals!
    Way To Go!!!!
    This is definitely a move in the right direction.
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    I did mention that I thought she has PTSD based on some of her symptoms. She did agree that it's a very good possibility and hasn't ruled that out. I'm just going on the assumption that my daughter does have it because of the anxiety attacks she seems to go into whenever her bio. father is mentioned. husband and I have gotten to the point that whenever we talk about him that we've had to give him a nickname so that my daughter doesn't know who or what we're talking about. The family doctor, however, thinks that there's PTSD with her.

    I'm glad that it took the farm animals to get her to act out some of those behaviors. At least now the psychiatrist has seen for herself what I've been talking about.
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    i am sorry difficult child has these issues to contend with. I would act ODDish if I had gone through that, esp if someone tried to force me to go see my abuser.

    If the doctor thinks it is just ODD and maybe anxiety then maybe you need a 2nd opinion. I am stunned the doctor didn't volunteer PTSD as a diagnosis knowing the history.

    EMDR (eye movement desensitization something-or-other) is considered the "gold standard" for treatment of PTSD. It helped my daughter quite a lot. All of the tdocs who do this that I have spoken to use it with other methods depending on the patient. I am not sure that she is old enough, at 4yo, to have this work but it would be worth checking it out.

    I am glad your child finally started showing the psychiatrist what happened using the farm animals. It is important that another person not related sees this.

    Oh - you would not replace the psychiatrist with a therapist who does emdr. You would have them both working to help, preferably together.

    I hope you have a good weekend.