starting to think Steph is in a manic state....

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    Steph got home last night before I went to bed. She apologized again. And then she talked. She talked a mile a minute and was all over the place.

    She's worried that Ant is lying to himself and that he's drinking a lot again. She says every picture she sees of him on FB, he has a drink in his hand. She's worried mother in law will show up at her party even though she wasn't invited. She's still angry with mother in law. She's "freaked out" about her cousin K and Aunt J. Both have serious medical conditions but can't stop drinking long enough to get treatment. She's worried about her future and money and what is she going to do and about friends and about her car and about what if her job ends and on and on and on....

    She says she's addicted to energy drinks. She had 2 large ones yesterday morning. But she was bouncing off the walls all night. She was up playing hacky-sack until 3am and had to go to work this morning.

    When I mentioned that I saw my psychiatrist yesterday morning, she says she will never talk to one of those again.

    The joys of having difficult child children. At least I'm getting good at detachment. Not my problem, unless she keeps acting up at home, then she will be out on her own dealing with her life.
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    I'm so sorry dealing with same type stuff here, not sure if caught my thread about mini crime spree but I believe the thing that may be causing my nitemare is the energy drinks. Jury still out if drinks causing the problem or throwing off the medications which is causing the problem, all I know is they have to go.

    I thought it was interesting your daughter did something very similar to what Angel did the other night, when yours told about Ant drinking. Angel started tattling on a teacher for having vodka in his desk drawer and her feeling obligated to snitch but didn't. Then about another student where they smoke & drink beer and she should tell someone, I explained to her if she gets a rep as a snitch it's not going to help her make friends. (she's already a social outcast this won't help) Then she admitted to stealing & ratted her sister out. It was kind of like she tested tested the water before ratting herself out. ; your daughter seems did same thing - ratted Ant out to prepare the path for what's bothering her. I'm still not sure what to think about that? so if have thoughts to share I would appreciate them.

    I don't want my girls drinking alcohol but I believe a beer would be much less damaging. Besides the caffeine and sugar they have weird chemicals that try as I might I still can't get any straight answers about things like "what does Taurine do to a person's serotonin levels?" every doctor I've asked is clueless they just say don't let them have energy drinks. Easier said then done when any kid can walk into any store (or vending machine at school) and buy them.

    Sorry I got a little too yappy again, it does sound like she could be manic it's a shame she isn't willing to talk to a psychiatrist. Has she had any luck with Melatonin when she is too wound up to sleep? It's over the counter and my girls have had success with it when their prescription medications alone aren't helping them to sleep. Sleep is one of the key factors in stability at my house. Hope some of this helps and know you aren't alone, got 2 of them up till all hours here.
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    It could be the energy drinks.
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